• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Covid Africa, WHO: “85% unregistered infections, could be 59 million”


Oct 14, 2021

In Africa, it is feared that 85% of Covid cases are not registered, and that therefore the real number of infections rises from 8.5 to 59 million. This is the alarm of the director of WHO Africa, Matshido Moeti, who today explained that “our analyzes indicate that one in seven cases is being tested”. For this reason “now is the time to start an offensive against Covid” in the African continent, he added, recalling that only “67 million Africans have completed vaccination, which corresponds to only 4.9% of the continent’s population where hundreds of millions of people continue to be exposed, in a situation of vulnerability, to the risk of serious illness and death “. This is why Moeti has addressed a new appeal” to rich countries, most of which have vaccinated two thirds of their populations “to” share a significant number of vaccines “, stressing that” it is better for this to happen this year rather than next year “. According to official WHO data, in Africa there have been 8.5 million cases with 214 thousand deaths from Covid.