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The Prešov region leads significantly in the number of new cases, Košice is the fifth – Korzár


Oct 14, 2021

Covid has another 19 victims.

EASTERN SLOVAKIA. In Slovakia, 1,871 people with a positive PCR test were added last day, of whom almost 74% were not vaccinated.

Regarding antigen testing, 387 were positive, more than 73% of whom have not yet been vaccinated.

On Wednesday, 12,531 RT-PCR examinations and 18,533 antigen assays were completed.

The most positively tested RT-PCR tests were in the Prešov Region (549).

It is followed by Žilinský (404), Banskobystrický (217), Trenčiansky (171), Košický (168), Bratislavský (143) and Trnavský (128) and Nitriansky (91).

There are 895 men and 976 women among them.

There were 717 new cases in the east.

According to districts, most in Prešov (123).

This is followed by the districts of Stará Ľubovňa (78), Sabinov (77), Bardejov (58), Košice (47), Poprad (47), Levoča (41), Michalovce (38), Svidník (34), Košice-okolie (31), Stropkov (27), Kežmarok (19), Spišská Nová Ves (18), Humenné (17), Trebišov (14), Snina (12), Gelnica (8), Medzilaborce (8), Vranov nad Topľou (8), Rožňava (6) and Sobrance (6).

The total number of positively tested men is 205,882 and women 225,875.

The total number of completed laboratory PCR tests so far is 3,734,759, while 431,757 people were tested positively.

The total number of Ag tests performed so far is 38,663,859, of which 398,070 were tested positively.

Other deaths

885 patients are hospitalized in hospitals, 824 people have confirmed the disease.

Among hospitalized, 83.15% of people are not vaccinated at all or only partially vaccinated.

There are 103 patients at JIS, 94 people need the support of artificial lung ventilation.

Number of confirmed victims per pulmonary form covid-19 increased by 19 people.

The total number of “covid” deaths is 12,791 and the total number of “covid” deaths is 2,508.

The total number of inactive cases is 733,576.

These are individuals who have overcome covid-19, either clinically or asymptomaticly, and have been 2 to 4 weeks since the outcome of a positive test in outpatients and 6 weeks in hospitalized patients.

Vaccination continues

The total number of people vaccinated with the first dose vaccines is 2,475,646, 1,410 more were vaccinated in the previous day.

The second dose of the vaccine has already been received by 2,276,678 people, and 1,036 people have been vaccinated the past day.

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This is reported by the National Center for Health Information on the website covid-19.nczisk.sk.