• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Wife of a famous actor in court: He told me that Pavol Rusko wanted to liquidate Volzová – Topky.sk


Oct 14, 2021

“My husband told me that maybe he would be involved in such unfair things if it weren’t for me and my little daughter. Klaus-Volzova Pavol Rusko irritated her legs and did not allow her, despite the fact that she brought her funds to TV Markíza to make decisions. employees not to talk to the victim. He did not allow her to do anything that made her unhappy. ” said the witness.

“Gregor decided to leave the Marquis. Gregor told me on the sidelines of Paul R. that he was crazy to associate with the mafia. He began to distance himself from Paul of Russia,” stressed. Gregor helped Pavel Rusk start TV Markíza, had his own program there and was to become artistic director. According to her, Gregor told Pavel Russia to pay Klaus-Volz, which the former director refused. On the other hand, he promised the actor a house in Záhorská Bystrica. Gregor wanted to leave the Marquis.

Source: TASR / Ivan Kríž

At first, the witness did not want to believe the possibility that Pavol Rusko would really like to have Klaus-Volzová liquidated. She considered it a strong speech. In addition to Gregorová, Alojz Kromka, aka Čistič, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, also testified in court on Thursday. The testimony of three other witnesses is also planned.

In the case of the preparation of the murder of Klaus-Volzová, the main defendant is Pavol Rusko, the barefoot group of titmouse Róbert Lališ, nicknamed Kýbel, Mikuláš Černák and Miloš Kaštan. Only Pavol Rusko participates in the Thursday process. The other defendants gave their consent to the lawyers at the hearing in their absence. The trial began in May 2019. Černák and Kaštan confessed to the crime, and Kýbel and Pavol Rusko denied the blame.