• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Netflix: thief is inspired by Lupine for his heist, but is caught by his stupidity – Hitek.fr


Oct 14, 2021

From its release in early January 2021, series Lupine has listed as one of Netflix’s most popular original creations. Far from the flowerbeds of Squid Game, which now sits supreme on the platform, Lupine has had a significant impact, including abroad. Enough in any case for this thief to be inspired by a burglary.

a failed flight

Direction Italy and more precisely the city of Monza, near Milan, to find a thief less competent than Assane Diop, relates the Guardian. In the Netflix series, the young man is inspired by his favorite character, namely the burglar gentleman Arsène Lupin to steal a necklace that had belonged to Marie-Antoinette. A jewel on display at the Louvre which remains the object of all covetousness while, both in the light, but in the shadows, Diop draws on the techniques and science of the burglary of his idol to achieve his ends .

A well done and rhythmic series which can give some ideas. But said thief mentioned above did not have the success of his mentor, far from it. Rather than aiming for a valuable jewel, the brigand kept his sights on the refreshment bar in his village, located near a church. To infiltrate it discreetly, the latter waited for the bells to ring to break a window. But by sneaking in, the thief is severely injured, leaves traces of blood and leaves with a meager booty: € 21, two bottles of grapefruit orange soda and lemonade.

Originally from the town of Dolzago, this 21-year-old young man finally called for help when he got home, his arm injury being too serious. At the beginning, he tries to make believe that he was robbed by three people. But quickly, he bursts into tears in the face of the police, explains the local newspaper, admitting his involvement in the burglary and having been inspired by Lupine for his technique. A possible revenge for this young thief who had already robbed the establishment a few years before. Fortunately for Assiane Diop, his techniques were more effective.