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But that is a change! Fans are also taken aback: What happened to Victoria Beckham’s face? And she is not the only one who exaggerated it – Diva.sk


Oct 14, 2021

Victoria Beckham’s new face

Victoria Beckham has been an icon in various directions for years. Not only is she stylish, enterprising, but she has a strong feminine energy, she is principled, persistent and inspiring. In the world of show business, however, it is quite common today for women to improve. Fill filling, beautification, botox, plastics and the like.

The well-known businesswoman had long ago seen the adjustments she had undergone, but her new face really surprised her. A few days ago, she accepted an invitation to the Good Morning America show, where fans had the opportunity to see that there was something fundamentally different about it.

Photo gallery

Victoria Beckham before and after editing

Source: TASR, Profimedia

As usual, they did not abstain from comments at all and expressed their views on social networks on the new face of Victoria Beckham.

“Oh, her lip filling is appalling.”

“For God’s sake, what’s with the face?”

“Victoria looks scary, what did she do with her?”

These are just a few examples, with a myriad of similar comments on Twitter.

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Victoria Beckham

Source: Profimedia

Sculptures are not hindered

Of course, like any woman, Victoria wants to look her best and always be a teenager, and that’s why she helps herself with aesthetic medicine. He is 47 years old and despite the procedure and age, he still looks good. However, it often happens that women overdo it or their new appearance seems very unnatural. This is, unfortunately, now probably the case of Victoria.

Excessive filling of her cheeks and lips distorted her overall expression and makes her look artificial. And Victoria doesn’t even resist sculptures. The most visible change on her face is clearly her nose, she has a smaller one.

Photo gallery

Victoria Beckham in 1993 and today

Source: Profimedia

But she’s not the only one who exaggerated

An unsuccessful sculpture or improvement is a nightmare for every woman who decides to undergo some of the procedures. Courteney Cox, currently Tom Cruise, is one of the Hollywood stars who didn’t make it.



The always unreal handsome man and the sex symbol of women surprised him today: He doesn’t even look like himself anymore! Is a…

Me too Demi Moore she also surprised with her changed look a few months ago. In some photos, she looks cool, but then the light of the world is seen by shots that prove that her face filling is really exaggerated and unnatural.

For the first time, the new look of the famous actress began to take over when she appeared on the catwalk for the Fendi brand. Even then, the fans didn’t like their faces. A few days ago, she attended a Versace-Fendi party in Milan, where her paparazzi took a picture of her as she got out of the car. The asymmetrical filling of the cheeks can be clearly seen in these photographs.

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Demi Moore

Source: Profimedia

Well, it looks like the bags tore like a bag. See what some foreign but also our stars looked like before and after the sculptures and improvements, whether Demi in the video or in the photo gallery of others: