• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Fast and Furious: Dwayne Johnson pushes Vin Diesel again and finds allies


Oct 14, 2021

In July 2021, Dwayne johnson had announced never to play again movies Fast and Furious, and had returned once again on the controversies surrounding it, and surrounding Vin Diesel. We regularly hear about the quarrel between the two actors, which seems to persist despite the passage of time, and which is even growing. This is not likely to stop now, since Dwayne Johnson just threw some oil on the fire revealing that many people close to Vin Diesel were on his side.

The argument between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel

Let’s take a slight leap in time, to come back to 2016. It is at this time that appeared the very first division between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. In 2016, in fact, Johnson posted on Instagram, about his last week of filming, a very clear message. The actor thanked the Universal studio, his female co-stars and most of his male co-stars, but not all of them though … Here is the message the actor posted at the time:

This is my last week of shooting for # FastAndFurious8. There is no other franchise that made my blood boil more than this one. An incredible team that works hard. UNIVERSAL has also been an excellent partner. My female co-stars are all amazing and I love them. My male co-stars, on the other hand, This is an other story. Some behave like upright men and true professionals, others not. Those who are not righteous are too fearful to do anything anyway. Sissies.

At the time, few people knew exactly who was talking about Dwayne johnson, given that male stars are not lacking in the franchise. A little later however, Dwayne Johnson thanked the entire film crew in one of his new Instagram posts, with the exception of Vin Diesel. This time the message was clear: there was water in the gas between the two actors.

Subsequently, the two actors returned to a kind of passive-aggressive quarrel, sometimes trying to pay tribute to their ex-colleague, and sometimes, highlighting their flaws. According to several members of the film crew, The Rock is a real workaholic who always strives to give 100%, while Vin Diesel has a very different way of working. According to them, Vin Diesel was constantly late on set, while in his adjacent trailer, but additionally, it appears he was using his role as a producer to influence the shoot “randomly”. This “arrogance”, as the team members imply, has always deeply irritated Dwayne Johnson, and that ultimately took its toll on the final days of filming.

Dwayne Johnson explains that the film crew was on his side

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Dwayne Johnson returned to this feud which has taken on great media proportions. The latter reveals that the team of Fast Furious Years all thanked him for denouncing the behavior of his co-star / producer Vin Diesel on set :

That [notre querelle] caused a real firestorm. Yet, interestingly … it was as if every member of the team had found a way to come and see me and to thank me discreetly or drop me a line.

The actor claims that each member of the team found a personal way to thank him for bringing the spotlight problematic behavior (and sometimes considered “unprofessional”) by Vin Diesel on the set.

By affirming that the team of Fast and Furious thanked him for standing up to Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson gives credit to the idea that the position of producer increased Vin Diesel’s ego tenfold. These statements are therefore likely to have a bombshell effect on the whole team Fast and Furious. And if you’re a fan of the franchise elsewhere, you can check out our before / after which looks back on the first appearance of the actors in the films, to show us their evolution until today.