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One of the members of the drug group, which includes Plačková – SME.sk, died in custody


Oct 14, 2021

They found drugs and money near him during the raid.

BRATISLAVA. One of the alleged members of a drug group, including the accused influenza Zuzana Strausz, died in custody Plačková.

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According to TV Markíza it is Pavel Duchoň, where the police found nine kilograms of meth and 70,000 euros during the raid. She confirmed the death General Prosecutor ‘s Office. According to Marquis, Duchoň’s heart failed, he worked as a storekeeper for the group.

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NAKA within the drug shares in the west of Slovakia, she accused 15 people of the crime of establishing, conspiring and supporting a criminal group and drug crime.

During house searches, police seized more than nine pounds of methamphetamine, from which at least 90,000 single doses of the drug could be made. They also seized weapons, ammunition, cigarettes and more than 70,000 euros in cash.

According to the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, the group was to operate in the Bratislava and Trnava regions at least from 2012.