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The hearing continues in the case of the preparation of the murder of Sylvia Klaus-Volzová: Černák invented the act, claims Kromka – Topky.sk


Oct 14, 2021

Of the four defendants, they only escorted the convicted former TV director Markíza Pavel Ruska to the trial in the case of television bills. The others agreed to their lawyers at the hearing in absentia. Five witnesses should testify. Among them, Alojz Kromka, nicknamed Čistič, was sentenced to life in prison for several murders. The prosecutor of the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (ÚŠP) Michal Šúrek and the defender of the injured Klaus-Volzová Roman Kvasnica are also present. The process is taking place, as before, at the Institute for the Execution of Detention (ÚVV) and the Institute for the Execution of Sentences of Imprisonment (ÚVTOS) in Bratislava.

Source: TASR / Ivan Kríž

The last case took place on June 10, when seven witnesses testified. Apart from one witness, former high-ranking members of the Titmouse group, who are either currently serving their sentences or have already been released, testified.

In the case of the preparation for the murder of Klaus-Volzová, the main defendant is Pavol Rusko, the barefoot group of titmakers nicknamed Kýbel, the barefoot Mikuláš Černák and his companion Miloš Kaštan. According to the indictment, Pavol Rusko had ordered the murder from Černák, who was to involve a Bratislava group of titmakers in it. The first hearing in the case began at the end of May 2019. Kýbel and Pavol Rusko denied participation in the preparation of the murder. Cernak and Chestnut confessed to the crime.

Černák invented the act of plotting the murder of Sylvia Klaus-Volz, Kromka claims

Alojz Kromka, a multiple mafia murderer sentenced to life imprisonment, nicknamed Čistič, knows nothing about the preparations for the murder of Sylvia Klaus-Volzová, the former partner of TV’s director Markíza Pavel Ruska. According to him, such an act did not even happen and it was invented by the Banská Bystrica boss Mikuláš Černák. He testified on Thursday before the Senate of the District Court (OS) Bratislava II, which is hearing the case. He clarified that in the autumn of 1997 he went to see Miloš Kaštan at Černák’s company in Banská Bystrica. “Pavol Rusko and Černák talked about some problem that Černák was supposed to solve,” approached. According to him, Černák laughed that Pavol Rusko would definitely return once more and that he would be intimidated by the Pápayans and thus withdraw 10 million Slovak crowns from him.

Alojz Kromka

Source: TASR / Marko Erd

“I never heard Klaus-Volz’s name be heard there during the meeting. I don’t know anything about the act of preparing her murder. Such an act didn’t even happen, and Černák made it up. Černák also tried to influence me at the beginning of 2018 when I met him on a walk in prison, “ Kromka testified. As he said, he did not know the former director of TV Markíza personally at that time.

“I had a normal relationship with Černák in 1997-1998. We have no relationship now. He has become a penitent ‘scumbag’,” he told the prosecutor of the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (ÚŠP). He admitted that when investigators came to see him, he would also testify against Černák.