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Coronavirus in Slovakia: 19 covid victims arrived and 1,871 positive from PCR testing (minute by minute) – SME.sk


Oct 14, 2021

PCR tests in Slovakia revealed more than 431 thousand infected with coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic claimed 12,791 lives.

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We follow coronavirus news online minute by minute:

11:21 WORLD – Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis received the third dose of coronavirus vaccine. He had the vaccine administered at the Central Military Hospital in Prague in the presence of the media.

For the third time, he received the Comirnaty vaccine from the Pfizer / BioNTech consortium.

11:15 SLOVAKIA – When Lenka Straková lost her mother in the covid pavilion of the Žilina hospital in the spring, she felt first-hand what problems thousands of survivors of the pandemic victims are solving. Traumas, remorse, lack of interest from institutions.

The young Žilina woman, together with her sister Lucia Ďurajková, founded the civic association Real Victims, who fought to see the dead not only as statistical deaths, but as real victims with stories and survivors. Thanks to their intervention, the Ministry of Health recognized that patients in covid wards also have the right to visit and has accepted the conditions under which this is possible.

You can also read the interview with Lenka Straková here >>>>

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11:00 WORLD – In 141 hours, 1,141 new coronavirus infections have arrived in Hungary, 327 more than the previous day. Eleven patients died of Covid-19, one more than on Wednesday.

10:45 SLOVAKIA – Self-testing will continue in schools by the end of the year. This was stated by the Minister of Education before the government meeting Branislav Gröhling with the proviso that it is a communication with the chief hygienist.

“The distribution of self-tests will continue and we will contact schools again,” said the Minister of Education. He pointed out that those parents who had not used this opportunity in the previous period will also be able to participate.

Currently, 95.1 percent of students in full-time education are educated in schools, and 4.9 percent of students were educated on a distance basis as of Tuesday.

10:10 SLOVAKIA – 1,410 people received the first dose of vaccine yesterday, 1,229 people received a second dose.

10:00 SLOVAKIA – PCR tests yesterday revealed 1,871 new infected, the laboratories performed a total of 12,531 tests. The positivity of the tested samples was thus 14.93 percent.

On Wednesday, they also tested 18,533 people through antigen tests, of which 387 tested positive.

Another 19 people died of Covid-19, overall you are a pandemic coronavirus in Slovakia, it has already claimed 12,791 victims.

The most positive were detected by PCR tests in the Prešov region (549), followed by Žilinský (404), Banskobystrický (217), Trenčiansky (171), Košický (168), Bratislavský (143), Trnavský (128) and Nitriansky (91).

The number of hospitalized with or suspected coronavirus increased by another 8 to 885. 824 of them have confirmed confirmed coronavirus.

There are 103 patients in intensive care units, 94 of them need the support of artificial lung ventilation.

9:30 WORLD The island of Bali, which is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, opens again for some foreign visitors. As a result of pandemic measures, it was closed to holidaymakers for approximately 18 months.

The reopening of the island affects only about two dozen countries, with only visitors vaccinated against the new coronavirus being admitted. In addition, foreigners will have to spend quarantine for the first five days after arriving in the country.

8:47 WORLD New Zealand recorded 71 cases of covid on Thursday, the highest daily increase in new infections in six weeks. All new cases are registered in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland.

8:10 WORLD The Czech Republic reports 1,497 cases of coronavirus infection on Wednesday, there are 407 patients in the hospitals. Three victims of the covid were added.

8:00 WORLD The number of Covid-19 cases has fallen again worldwide over the past week.

She informed the WHO that the declining trend began at the end of August. However, Europe, as the only region in the world, has seen a seven percent increase in infections. It also recorded the largest increase in deaths, which rose by 11 percent.

7:55 WORLD The number of suicides of children in Japan is the highest in more than four decades. At the time when the schools closed for the pandemic, 415 primary and secondary school students had their lives.

The number of juveniles of minors in Japan is almost 100 higher than last year and represents the highest number since the beginning of such records in 1974.

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6:50 SLOVAKIA The third wave of the pandemic is gradually gaining momentum. The situation does not look favorable for the Turiec region either, the number of positive cases is rising.

The Martin University Hospital is already filling covid beds, most of the hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. “We currently have 28 hospitalized covid positive patients, six of whom are fully vaccinated. Eight patients need artificial lung ventilation and seven are on the ICU. About 60 percent of the patients are from the Martin district, the others are from a different gradient, “the hospital said.

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In recent days, several hospitals in the Žilina region have faced the problem. The region recorded sharp increases in hospitalizations. The most critical situation was recorded in the Kysucká hospital with a polyclinic in Čadci, ie in the region where it is vaccination the lowest.

The crisis was also reported from the Žilina Hospital, which is a catchment area for Horné Považie. The regional government was asked by hospitals to transfer patients between regions. Some were also accepted by the University Hospital in Martin. How many patients from other regions can be admitted by a Martin hospital depends on the number of beds occupied.

6:00 WORLD Due to the significant increase in coronavirus infections over the past week, the Dutch government fears an impending new wave of COVID-19.

In the Netherlands, they currently have 62 percent more infections than last week. According to the local institute for public health, this is the largest increase since mid-July.

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On Wednesday alone, the country reported a daily increase of 3,746 infected cases, which is almost twice as much as the increase recorded last Wednesday.

The number of people hospitalized with covid also increased significantly. There are currently 524 hospitalized covid patients in the country, including 137 people in intensive care units.