• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Covid Usa, “with the vaccine since June 90 thousand deaths would have been avoided”: the study


Oct 14, 2021

There are 90,000 deaths from Covid recorded in the United States between June and September that could have been avoided if patients had been vaccinated. According to the analysis published by the Kaiser Family Foundation according to which Covid was the second leading cause of death in the country last month, after heart problems. In fact, the report records that in September there were 49 thousand deaths from Covid, and it is the main cause of death in the 35-54 age group, in which vaccination levels are lower than among the elderly. “Covid was the cause of death for people in this age group in August and September more than it was in previous months, despite vaccines being available,” the study concludes that the “overwhelming majority of Covid hospitalizations and deaths continue to be preventable. “Covid was the leading cause of death in the US in early 2021 during the winter wave, but then, with vaccines, it dropped to number seven in July. With the spread of the delta variant – and with 60-70 million Americans still unvaccinated – the numbers of infections and deaths started to rise again at the end of the esthete.