• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Doctor Kulkovský criticizes Matovič’s budget for healthcare: It’s a pity of the comment, it’s a mockery – Topky.sk


Oct 14, 2021

The head of the internal department of the hospital in Považská Bystrica pointed out the difference in the job offers for the health care provider in Slovakia and in the neighboring Czech Republic. While in the Czech Republic they offer a recruitment allowance of more than half a million Czech crowns (over 23,000 euros) for the work of the head of the internal department, which is also Kulkovský, in Slovakia they offer hospitals the opportunity to obtain free stationery.

Source: FB / Milan Kulkovsky blog

However, everything has its limits and shortly after the call was published, an update was announced stating that this option was suspended due to huge interest, while the warehouses were allegedly emptied. Nevertheless, he thanked the given – unnamed company for this step. According to Kulkovsky, the hospitals actually received stationery and thus pleased the staff.

Doctor Kulkovský criticizes Matovič

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Too bad the comment… but at least something… very symbolic at a time when it is necessary to convince the financial master that healthcare needs more, not less. Well, nothing. So I guess it will be a more successful defense sector. It’s time to renew the fleet and buy new fighters… priorities are priorities, “ Kulkovský stated on the social network and added that the healthcare system will obviously cope somehow. And if not and the worst thing happens – that it hurts someone, then the culprit will allegedly be found easily.

And education? There is enough money. The picture of this is its quality and many successful graduates who leave it in the ninth grade of elementary school. They know how to write nicely, although only in Bernolákov (nothing against it, we have to be proud of our “write how you hear” history) and read well, “ Kulkovský pointed out, adding that these students read without understanding. He ironically said that education certainly did not need additional funding and allegedly has a “goosebumps” on how the election would turn out if those who could not only read but also understand the read text came to the polling stations. „Kwould that, I turn to the question of God, rule us? When we got used to the fact that our election makes us so successfully joking, “ concluded.