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Presidential election 2022: the campaign without saying it by Emmanuel Macron – archyde


Oct 14, 2021

Should he launch at the end of December or postpone until January, or even February, his declaration of candidacy for the presidential election of 2022? Around Emmanuel Macron, the debate has been raging for several weeks between the supporters of a hasty entry into the campaign and those who deem it preferable to wait for the start of the French presidency of the European Union, from the 1er January, to fully immerse in the Elyos battle.

If the second option seems to be preferred today at the Elysee Palace, the head of state’s close guard swears not to worry about this issue, considered a secondary issue. “The only certainty is that we will accelerate until Christmas and after, the president will decide”, summarizes the entourage of Mr. Macron. What is the point of torturing one’s mind with this official announcement, which no one doubts among its followers? Advisors, ministers, deputies … All see this meeting as a formality, which will not fundamentally change the action of the tenant of the Elysée, insofar as the latter has already been campaigning for his re-election for several months, without saying so. openly.

It started in the dead of summer. August 12, Emmanuel Macron suspends the compulsory technical control of two-wheelers, established by decree, the day before, by its own government. No question of “Add constraints” to the French, he says. And to risk angering bikers a few months before the presidential election. Since then, the tenant of the Elysée has turned into ” Santa Claus “, according to the mocking expression of the opposition. Not a week goes by without the “President-candidate” announces state aid for a category of French people. As if he methodically ticked each box of the electorate.

Farmers ? 600 million euros per year to compensate them in the event of climatic disasters. Self-employed workers? A support plan of nearly 300 million euros per year. The police men ? 500 million for the implementation of Beauvau security. Fisherman ? 50 million to offset the economic consequences of Brexit. Midwives? 40 million to pay them a bonus and increase their salaries. Category C officials? Almost 250 million to increase the lowest paid. Seniors ? More than 400 million in an autonomy plan. The harkis? A “recognition and reparation” bill, which will include financial measures. Dogs and cats? 15 million for shelters. Without counting the 2 billion for the energy renovation bonus, the 600 million euros for the energy check or even the emergency plan for Marseille, valued at 1.5 billion euros.

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