• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

France team: Lucas Hernandez really risks prison, angry Spanish justice! – Eleven World


Oct 14, 2021

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It was a piece of news that had the effect of a bomb. Spanish justice yesterday brought out an old case from 2017 to summon Lucas Hernandez before a Madrid criminal court. With the obligation for the player to choose a prison of his choice to serve a prison sentence of six months firm. According to the Team, if Lucas Hernandez chooses to respond to his summons on October 19, the defender should actually be given a document from the judicial administration, and should therefore be released from the court, without a travel ban.

Spanish justice did not like his behavior

However, the case is not settled so far. Because the Spanish justice does not intend to let go of Lucas Hernandez according to the Team. The latter risks an international arrest warrant if he does not choose a penitentiary center within ten days of the delivery of the letter. And if sentences over such short periods are rarely served in reality, the Spanish justice could make the player pay for his behavior.

“The Spanish courts did not appreciate the need for Hernandez to openly mock the sentence she had pronounced. This contempt could earn him a few days in prison, ”assures the Team, which also quotes a judicial source. “For the moment, he is more likely to go to prison than not to go”, confides this source.

to summarize

Since yesterday, the defender of the France and Bayern Munich team Lucas Hernandez has found himself at the center of a legal storm. And it could well cost him dearly since the defender will have difficulty escaping a prison sentence.