• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Has your energy supplier canceled your contract? Here are 5 steps to proceed (+ where you can go) – PRAVDA.sk


Oct 14, 2021

The record rise in commodity prices that we are currently witnessing could bankrupt many alternative suppliers. The first case in Slovakia is Slovakia Energy, which has left more than 300,000 clients in uncertainty. What should you not forget and how to proceed?

How to proceed if you have been a customer of Slovakia Energy

1. You pay two companies for October

Find out who is your supplier of last resort (ZSE, SSE, VSE for electricity and SPP for gas). For the first 8 days of this month, you still pay for SE services. From the day she canceled the contracts, ie from 9 October, you pay the new company, as the services are charged to you by the so-called supplier of last resort (DPI).

2. Check standing orders

If you have paid invoices for SE direct debit, cancel the standing orders for automatic payments at the bank. Wait for the final bill from the SE, which they are obliged to send you within 4 weeks. This will be calculated on the basis of the meter reading on the last day, before the start of the DPI delivery. If arrears or overpayments have arisen, settle the obligations with the original supplier.

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3. Expect an extraordinary price

Until you sign a new contract with a supplier of your choice, you pay a so-called special DPI tariff. You have 3 months to sign a new contract. During this period, you will pay the market price for deliveries (approximately 3.5 times the current regulated price for 2021). For example, a small household in Bratislava, which normally pays a deposit of EUR 25 per month for electricity, would pay EUR 75 per month from October to December.

The state is currently negotiating with suppliers and the regulator on how they will be able to compensate for the differences between the original price of SE customers and payments within the DPI.

4. It will not disconnect you from electricity or gas

In the case of electricity, this also applies if you do not sign a new contract with the supplier after three months. The contract with the supplier of last resort is automatically established by law. Customers also have their electricity meter left, there is no need to replace it. From Saturday, October 9, 2021, the supply of electricity will be invoiced to the affected customers by a new supply company, which will send them a schedule of advance payments and information on payments.

5. Beware of unauthorized collection

In the case of gas supply, ie DPI from SPP, the contract must be signed, otherwise they may charge you fines for unauthorized consumption. You can also enter into a contract with another supplier, but you must do so on your own initiative and within three months.