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Match of the heroes: Jul and the “Papinade”, the tribute band of Maoulida, Gasly the F1… Didier Drogba celebrates… – 20 Minutes


Oct 14, 2021

At the Velodrome stadium,

“Didier Drogba, la la la la, Didier Drogba, la la la la”. What happiness for all the people Marseillais to finally be able to reentry this song, as legendary as it is spectacular, more than 15 years after the departure of
Didier drogba of
the Olympique de Marseille. A song so mystical, that it even earned him not to return to the Velodrome stadium, as he confided in an interview with Provence, for fear of the leaders of disturbing his successors. But a saving song on Wednesday evening, which allowed the former number 11 of OM to open the scoring after an hour of play in the Heroes’ match, organized in favor of Unicef ​​and the Didier Drogba foundation, at the Velodrome. “It is sung everywhere, in Marseille, in England, even in China or Turkey. But it is the supporters of OM who hold the license, ”he said as a tribute.

And especially the famous celebration, the arms as airplane wings to better glide in front of the North turn, before a landing on the knees at the corner post. The Stade Vélodrome had the right to a second time, then a third, as if to be caught. “I owed them at least to score, for a great cause as well. The treble is anecdotal. I realized at half-time that each goal scored was 1,000 euros for the associations, so we had to score as much as possible, ”explained, delighted to be so well surrounded, Didier Drogba.

Two legendary 11 from OM, Didier Drogba and Fabrizio Ravanelli. – NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP

The band tribute to Tapie

And as it was a festive evening on Wednesday, the 30,000 spectators present were able to dive back a little before the Didier Drogba era, with the opening scoring of the opportunist Fabrizio Ravanelli, always as elegant on the field as mixed zone. “Ah, that was good. I saw this possibility, I put the ball in the goal. It was great ”, savored the other number 11 of OM. And what about the magnificent lob of Benoit Cheyrou, who showed Wednesday night that he could still apply for a place in the middle of the current workforce? As a symbol, Toifilou Maoulida crowned the evening with a tribute to the “Boss”, Bernard Tapie by drawing his famous celebration band: “Forever Marseillais, rest in peace the Boss”.

If the elders, and first Didier Drogba, Djibril Cissé, Mamadou Niang or Basile Boli were widely acclaimed, what about the rappers Jul or Soso Maness, SCH at least as much adored as their elders? It is not every day that we see the “S” replacing Benoit Paire, who had nevertheless shown an unusual mastery.

“Abidal is my 100”

Neither see Jul attempt a “Papinade”, or catch a cold from Eric Abidal: “No Abidal is my 100, I dribbled the Didier against Newcastle. I had a great time, it was a childhood dream, I grew up in Marseille, and I always dreamed of playing just a little with these great players on the pitch. I am proud to have participated in that ”, laughed the new king of Marseille. Who talks about football, like he raps. ” Recovery ? I took it well but I should have controlled it and be quieter… But it was euphoria. I did a good thing, and since I have no cardio, I said to myself if I come back in, I’m going to be carbo. So it was better to stay on that, ”analyzed the one who was celebrating his first tenure with OM, before the second in June for his concert.

Jul finally one of the best “non-professionals”, with the astonishing Pierre Gasly. The Formula 1 driver even cooled the Vélodrome stadium by opening the scoring for Team Unicef, as a good supporter of PSG that he is. “Scoring at the Vélodrome doesn’t happen every day so it was a great moment. It really is something special. It was my favorite position, I like to overflow, I have cardio with Formula 1, ”said the left winger, one evening. Clearly, not everyone can say the same about cardio. But the main one was elsewhere and more than 425,000 euros could be collected for the education of children in Côte d’Ivoire, in particular thanks to the ten goals of the match, for a victory 7 to 3 of the Team OM Legends. Necessarily.