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6 tips to save on bank fees: Have you heard about this news? – Topky.sk


Oct 14, 2021

Ask if you can have a free account

Do you actually know how much you pay per month for your bank account? The current account is often over 50 euros a year. All you have to do is ask your bank what you need to do in order to pay less for the account or even have it completely free. Many banks offer the opening of accounts free of charge, in others it is enough to meet certain conditions and you can get more discounts every month. For example, you need to set up a standing order or use savings or other services in addition to your current account.

Change your savings or investment fees

You will encounter certain fees at each bank, which can vary greatly. Remember that you always have a choice from several banks. Tatra Bank currently comes with an interesting news – fees change to savings. Specifically, these are current account fees, monthly credit card fees, a one-time fee for providing a non-purpose consumer loan or mortgage. You can save or invest 84 euros per year per account, 30 euros for a credit card, 200 euros for a loan and up to 800 euros for a mortgage.

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Withdraw money only from your bank’s ATMs

If you are used to withdrawing money from any ATM that was closest to you, you should change it. You pay a certain fee for each such choice and this way you can lose a completely unexpected amount a year. Therefore, withdraw cash only from your bank’s ATMs or from ATMs in its network. You should find detailed information on the websites of specific banks.

Use internet banking and mobile banking

The basis of modern banking today is internet banking or mobile banking applications. Of course, you should have them available for free. You can do many things that you would otherwise have to do in branches and with a service fee directly from your smartphone or computer, wherever you are. Clients may have some concerns about whether it will be technically difficult for them. Tatra Bank therefore, for example, it offers them two versions of the application. One of them is significantly simpler, which will be appreciated especially by those who want to equip common gears or other functions in a few clicks.

Modern ATMs will also help to avoid the branch

Thanks to modern ATMs, you can also avoid visiting the branch and additional fees. Not only can you withdraw money from them, but you can also deposit it. You can also withdraw money by mobile phone, so it is not a problem if you accidentally left the card at home.

Don’t pay for something you don’t have to

Do you still receive bank statements directly to your mailbox or SMS notifications about account movements? Know that it doesn’t have to be free. The solution is quite simple. Nowadays, it is literally necessary to have an e-mail address to which you can receive an account statement free of charge. The same goes for notifications about account movements that you may receive in your mobile application. Every saved euro will please.

Choose a bank that will make everything easier for you

Are you looking for a reliable bank that keeps up with the times and brings you modern solutions? Tatra Bank has an advantageous offer for you for various products, whether you are looking for an account, mortgage, loan or other products. In addition, it now offers every client the opportunity to value their money – they turn fees into savings or investments. You will get another benefit, with which you can convert up to hundreds of euros according to your requirements.

6 tips to save

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