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Oct 14, 2021

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He wrapped UFC boss Danu Whit around his finger in five minutes. He is rewarded with a contract with the most prestigious MMA organization. Who is the second Slovak in UFC Martin Buday?

UFC Chief: You’re big, hard and rough

“You are big, hard and rough. You are 29 years old, score 9-1, you are in bloom and I need heavy weights! ” White delighted the Nitra heavyweight and the entire Czech-Slovak MMA community. He repeatedly highlighted the good impression made by the representative of the Trnava Spartacus Fight Gyma (SFG).

In the Dana White’s Contender Series, Buday withstood a fiery ten-second strike from American Lorenzo Hood and dominated the rest of the match. He ended the duel with his knee from the clinch four seconds before the end of the 1st round. Commentators indicated that Slovakia will have a second representative in the UFC after Ľudovít Klein.

Video, statements by Whit and Budaya and other interesting things in the report:

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Végh: He came and he was like a panda

At the age of 18, he was overweight. “I was a fat kid, I weighed about 170 kilograms. I started training to lose weight. “ approached the start of a more active life in the ESPN medallion.

He started with jiu-jica and discovered talent in himself, he became the champion of Europe. The 195 cm high branch met Attil Végh, under whose leadership he devoted himself to MMA in SFG. “He came and was ‘punching’ like a panda. Such a mummy. I gave him a ‘header’, he threw it at him. He was happy about it and he came next time, “Végh recalls.

He also fought 150 kilograms

Buday is a lover of food, sweet drinks and computer games. He also fought with 150 kg among amateurs. After moving to professionals in 2015, he threw large portions up to the heavy weight limit (120 kg).

When he made his Oktagon debut in May 2018, there was a misunderstanding and Végh informed the mentee of the agreed weight of up to 125 kg. The limit was 5 kg lower, which Buday weighed. He smiled and, satisfied with meeting the limit, went to eat. When he was called for transport, he was “stretched” and weighed even more.

In June before winning the title in Octagon against Pole Kamil Mind told for ŠPORT.sk: “It wasn’t until this year that I adjusted my diet, before I ate as it came. I have five tailor-made meals a day. The result is that for several weeks (before the duel) I hold 120 kg. Before, I threw 15 kg into the match and he didn’t feel comfortable. I expect better movement and endurance from that. ”

He could have been in the UFC sooner

He was always a smiling and humble phlegmatic in the UFC before, but he did not fight between September 2019 and June 2021. Viktor Pest first took precedence in the fight for the title against Michal Martínek, then Buday struggled with the coronavirus for a month and a half and injured his ribs before the next announced date.

He called the vemol a waste of time

Buday is not one of the fighters reminiscent of walking advertising billboards. “I want to be famous for my performances in the cage, not the promotion on Instagram like an influencer,” said for ŠPORT.sk.

No wonder he didn’t jump after a surprising challenge from the two weight categories lighter Carlos Vémol. A match with a star on the home scene would bring him media and especially marketing attention, but Buday has sports ambitions in the first place.

“To transfer to the UFC, I need to beat heavy weights with a good score. I can’t waste time with two divisions lighter opponents, “chilled the” Terminator “at the time.

I’m definitely not going to the UFC to just take a photo

Buday called the signing of a contract with the most prestigious organization a dream come true. However, he realizes that staying in the UFC is many times harder than getting there.

“I’m definitely not going to the UFC to just take a picture in their T-shirt. The fighter has the highest ambitions, although the title is currently too high. Like Lajoš Klein, I want to proudly represent Slovakia and write it as prominently as possible on the MMA world map, ”he said for ŠPORT.sk.

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