• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Norway, Kongsberg’s bow and arrow killer is 30-year-old Danish


Oct 14, 2021

The 30-year-old with a bow and arrow is of Danish nationality accused of killing five people yesterday and injuring two others in Kongsberg, about 70 kilometers southwest of Oslo, the scene yesterday of the attack that brought to mind the Norwegians the dramatic memory of the 2011 Utoya massacre. The man, arrested by the police, lived in the same city where he made his insane gesture and, according to reports from the police, after his arrest he was transferred to nearby Drammen. Read also During a press conference in the night, Oyvind Aas, chief of police of Kongsberg, reported that the man is “the only person involved” in the attack. The man was allegedly arrested after a “confrontation” with the police. The two injured people are in intensive care, one of them is an officer who was off duty at the time of the attack. Aas declined to comment on the news that a police officer had been shot in the back. The Kongsberg police chief said the attack took place over a “large area” and that there are several crime scenes. The arrested man, as reported yesterday afternoon, began to launch his attack armed with a bow and arrow. His motive is not clear, but the investigators do not exclude the terrorist origin of the gesture. “It is natural to consider whether it is an act of terrorism. But the man has not been interrogated and it is too early to reach conclusions,” said the Kongsberg police chief.