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Slovan Döme’s coach after performing in the Champions League: It showed us where European hockey is – ŠPORT.sk


Oct 14, 2021

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The hockey players of Slovan Bratislava also lost in their last performance in the F-group of the Champions League. They lost 1: 4 on the home ice in the middle of Třinec and did not get a point in this edition of the European club competition.

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In the past, Slovakia was represented in the Hockey Champions League by HC Košice, HK Nitra and HC ’05 Banská Bystrica. In the year 2015/2016, the Košice managed to advance from the group, which were then not enough for the Swedish Skellefteu, and a year later both Nitra and Košice.

Both teams then lost in the sixteenth playoff final – Nitra with Vítkovice and Košice with the Swiss team Friborg-Gottéron. Slovan became the first Slovak representative who did not get a point in the basic LM group.

Votes after the match:

Róbert Döme, Slovan coach: “We made huge mistakes, but I don’t want to insult the boys because they are young, some were 16 and 17. It’s a huge school for them and it showed us where European hockey is. Třinec won deservedly.”

Václav Varaďa, coach Třinec “We wanted to move on, we played even matches with the Swedish Leksand, then with Friborg. It was difficult to motivate the players when we no longer had a chance to advance, but we approached the matches with the Slavs responsibly. They were quality matches both here and here in Bratislava. ”