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They started the registration for vaccination with the 3rd dose: Who is affected and what is the procedure (instructions) – Živé.sk


Oct 14, 2021

To register, you need to enter the identifier and PIN code assigned after the first registration. However, the vaccine can be accessed without registration.

  • The third dose of the vaccine is intended for patients at risk with selected diagnoses.
  • First you have to wait for an SMS message from NCZI, then you can request a vaccination date.
  • Clients of social services facilities do not need to be registered anywhere.
  • At the same time, vaccination of children from 5 to 11 years of age begins. Again, however, these will only be specific cases, and the legal representative must have a doctor’s exchange certificate.

Although the state announced a month ago the start of vaccination with the third dose of vaccine against Covid-19, the real step is only now taking place.

Although the ministry originally informed that those interested did not have to actively apply, in the end the setting up of the process is a bit more complicated. The state finally recommends another registration on the web, but allows vaccination without it.

At the same time, parents can also report minor children aged 5 to 11 for vaccination. However, it should be noted that these are only exceptional cases after consultation with a doctor.

Wait for the message first

It should be noted at the outset that registration for the third dose should be done only after a person receives an informative SMS message from the state. At present, vaccination is still relevant only immunocompromised patients.

“According to lists from health insurance companies, the National Center for Health Information (NCZI) will send SMS messages to all patients based on their diagnoses from today,” the Ministry of Health informs.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the administration of a third dose of vaccine for a given group of patients is possible at the earliest four weeks after the second dose. The state recommends that patients consult their doctor before their vaccination. In any case, the doctor is also directly in the vaccination center.

What patients are they involved so far:

  • on the active treatment of cancer and hematological malignancies,
  • after organ transplantation using medicines to weaken the immune system,
  • after stem cell transplantation in the last two years,
  • taking medicines to suppress the immune system (such as chemotherapy, rheumatology and other immune-mediated diseases treated with immunosuppressive therapy with or without systemic corticosteroids),
  • with moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency – at the discretion of the attending clinical immunologist and depending on the nature of the disease),
  • with primary or secondary aspenia,
  • with chronic renal failure,
  • with advanced or untreated HIV infection,
  • for treatment with high doses of corticosteroids or other drugs that suppress the immune response.

The PIN code from the first registration is required

Once the citizen has received an informative SMS message, on the web Vakcinacia.nczisk.sk is available registration form for the third dose.

The condition for successful registration is entering a personal one identifier (it is the most common birth number) and PIN codewhich the user received during the first registration. You will find it in the confirmation e-mail and SMS message.

Subsequently, a citizen waits for an appointment and arrives at the selected location.

Registration without prior delivery of an informative SMS message is not possible, emphasizes the state.

The request for the allocation of the date of vaccination with the third dose is possible only after the delivery of an informative SMS message from the NCZI.

Source: reprofoto vakcinacia.nczisk.sk

Patients with an information SMS message can come for the third dose of the vaccine as well without registration, but only to a vaccination center that allows it.

“They will prove themselves by an SMS message from NCZI, fill in the necessary documents and will be vaccinated after consultation with a doctor. They can choose the same procedure when vaccinating with a general practitioner in an outpatient clinic, ”describes the Ministry of Health. However, the use of registration is the recommended way, as it streamlines patient management.

If there is no SMS, a visit to the doctor will help

“Patients who do not receive an information SMS from NCZI, but also suffer from any of the above diagnoses, they must see their doctor, which will issue them an exchange ticket after assessing their health, “the ministry adds.

WITH exchange ticket then it is enough to go to a vaccination center or to an outpatient doctor who vaccinates against Covid-19 without registration.

Electronic registration for vaccination is not possible for patients who only have an exchange ticket.

At the same time, the administration of third doses to two other groups of the population is being started. The first is medical staff in hospitals. This process is coordinated by the hospitals themselves. The second is formed clients of social services facilitiesvaccinated by departure teams. Requests from facilities are collected by the Ministry of Labor.

Here it is true that people can get the third dose at the earliest six months after the second dose. Currently, people who have overcome Covid-19 and received two doses are not vaccinated.

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For children, fill in documents and register

Vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 years is intended for minor patients who are at serious risk of severe Covid-19 disease.

First you need to fill in several documents, samples of which are available for download on the website of the Ministry of Health.

It is intended for a legal representative vaccination application a instruction and informed consent. For the attending physician again exchange letter.

Subsequently, the legal representative registers the child on the page Vakcinacia.nczisk.sk – is used the same form as for the rest of the population from 12 years for first application for vaccination.

Once the appointment has been allocated, you should arrive at the chosen vaccination center. The centers will be in specialized clinics in Bratislava, Martin and Košice.

“It is essential that the parent or legal guardian for the child’s vaccination also brings a completed exchange letter to the doctor. Without it, the child will not be vaccinated, “the ministry warns.