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They launched a registration to vaccinate the third dose. Vaccination of children also begins – PRAVDA.sk


Oct 13, 2021

The Ministry of Health has made it possible to register for the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination with the third dose is voluntary and is intended for immunocompromised patients. TASR was informed about this by the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Health (MZ) SR Zuzana Eliášová.

13.10.2021 18:31, updated: 19:14

“According to lists from health insurance companies, the National Center for Health Information will send SMS messages to all patients based on their diagnoses from today (October 13 – note TASR),” the spokeswoman specified. After receiving the information SMS, they can register on the website www.korona.gov.sk or www.vakcinacia.nczisk.sk.

“However, registration for the third dose via the electronic form will be possible only for those patients who receive an information SMS,” Eliášová pointed out, adding that with the information message it is possible to come to the vaccination center, where they can be vaccinated without registration.

Patients who do not receive an SMS message from the NCZI and have a diagnosis that entitles them to the third dose must visit their doctor, who “will issue them with a replacement card after assessing their health. They will then take him to the vaccination center or to an outpatient doctor who vaccinates against COVID-19 without registration. “

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The spokeswoman pointed out that the third dose of the vaccine could be given to this group of patients at the earliest four weeks after the second dose. “We recommend all interested parties to consult their doctor before the third dose.”

She added that vaccination of health professionals and clients of social services facilities with the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is possible at the earliest six months after the administration of the second dose of the vaccine. “It is not yet possible to administer the third dose of the vaccine to those who have a history of COVID-19 and have already received two doses of the vaccine.”

Children will be vaccinated in three dedicated centers

From Wednesday, it is also possible to apply for children aged five to 11 years for vaccination against COVID-19. Prior to vaccination, it is essential that the parent or legal guardian completes the application for vaccination, instructions and informed consent, and that the attending physician completes an exchange card, which must also be brought for vaccination. The documents are published on the Ministry’s website. Subsequently, the parent or legal guardian will register the child on the site www.korona.gov.sk or vakcinacia.nczisk.sk.

They will be vaccinated in three dedicated centers. It will be the National Institute of Pediatric Diseases in Bratislava, as well as the Martin University Hospital and the Children’s University Hospital in Košice. “It is essential that the parent or legal guardian for the child’s vaccination also brings a completed exchange letter to the doctor. Without him, the child will not be vaccinated, “Eliášová pointed out.

The condition for vaccination in this age category according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health (MZ) SR is that it must be a high-risk child in whom overcoming COVID-19 could lead to serious damage to health, significant worsening of the underlying disease and eventual death.

The Ministry of Health considers neurodevelopmental diseases, chronic lung diseases, severe immune disorders, active oncological diseases, chronic heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, a serious form of anemia, but also other diseases to be risky. However, these must be considered by a specialist doctor.

The legal representative of a child whose COVID-19 disease would represent a very high epidemiological risk for a high-risk child living with him / her in the same household may also request vaccination, the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic stated in the guidelines.

They will have hours set aside for vaccinating children in this age group.