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The great return of the former SaSkárka? Her name is mentioned in the list of applicants for this stain! – Topky.sk


Oct 13, 2021

According to the portal report it is beginning to be mentioned as a possible candidate for the post of either Commissioner for Children. At the same time, MEPs are probably already creating a second list of candidates for the post of Commissioner for People with Disabilities. Although the specific names of the coalition have not yet been agreed, the final list of these candidates and the proposals of the deputies are currently awaited.

Source: Maarty

Three names to be whispered about

When it comes to candidates, information about several currencies is coming to the post of the future Commissioner for Children. One of them attracted attention. Among them is the former SaSkárka Blahová, who spent years on the Clean Day case. In addition to it, people like Katarína Hatráková (OĽaNO) or the founder of the organization Smile as a Gift Jozef Mikloško Jr. are also mentioned.

She would not be the first and, if elected, would be in office for seven years

When the former politician SaS Blahová is already mentioned, in the case of the current government, even his compatriot and SaS deputy Ľubomír Galko, who shortly after the elections became the general director of the Trenčín aviation repair shops, is just as bad. If the final selection for the Commissioner for Children were to actually close at Blahová, it would be the second politician and tenant from SaS, who, thanks to the government, found such a stable post for several years.

The great return of the former SaSkárka?

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

The website also reminds us that the spot of the commissioner is about the same lucrative salary as the parliamentary one, and a person in this position can earn more than three thousand euros a month.