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She went to the pier and admitted a serious illness: Kate Moss’s daughter thus became an inspiration and support without unnecessary words – Aktuality.sk


Oct 13, 2021

The daughter of the top model Kate Moss inspired women not to be ashamed of their health problems. She was diagnosed with a serious illness and confessed to her directly on the pier.

They are like sisters! Kate Moss has a beautiful relationship with her daughter

Lila Grace continues in the footsteps of her mother, in the end she is her only child, she inherited the beauty from her and there are certainly no contacts for her, which she has thanks to Kate Moss. Two nice blondes also look like sisters!

Kate has a very good relationship with her daughter. Journalists often caught them in the city streets or on their way to dinner. The top model is used to supervising her daughter during various collaborations, most recently in Rome. They also appeared together on the catwalk during the Versace-Fendi show in Milan on the occasion of Fashion Week.

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Top model Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace look like sisters!

Source: Profimedia

Lila Grace admitted a serious illness

Apart from the fact that they both looked amazing, Lila surprised everyone with an insulin pump on her side. She officially admitted to that although she has only recently turned 19, she suffers from diabetes. The insulin pump is used to always deliver the necessary amount of insulin to the body. It is connected to the body by a cannula, so the patient must have it with him at all times.

The pump was clearly visible during the show, as Lila Grace showed off her swimsuit. She made her position so clear – people should not be ashamed of the disease and no longer have to limit themselves in their personal or professional life.

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Lilac Grace Moss at the Versace-Fendi show, Fashion Week in Milan (2021)

Source: Profimedia

Diabetes also occurs in young people who may suffer from complexes. With this step, Lila inspired them not to perceive diabetes or other health problems as a burden.

She has become an inspiration for many women

Her step was also acknowledged by people on social networks. Lila didn’t even have to verbally point out the insulin pump, she just added a photo from the show and her followers understood. Many were grateful for the commitment that gave them support in their illness. Although without unnecessary comments.

You can find more photos of Kate and Lily in our gallery. See how the top model shone on the same pier as her daughter: