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Oct 13, 2021

The team embarked on the capsule

A few minutes before takeoff of the Blue Origin rocket, the last checks were still in progress, including the tightness of the capsule where travelers will be the next few minutes. At the same time, the four passengers took their places in the aircraft.

The crew heads for the rocket

A few minutes before the launch of the Blue Origin rocket, the four participants in this flight of a few minutes, including actor William Shatner, are on their way to the base in Van Horn, Texas.

The crew heading for the rocket © Blue Origin

At the same time, the teams on site make the final adjustments before take-off, which should finally take place around 4.30 p.m., French time.

The rocket waiting for takeoff © Blue Origin

“There is no danger to life” when taking off

Guest on our set, Didier Schmitt, responsible for the ESA Strategy for Human and Robotic Exploration, explains that the trip the four travelers are about to make does not involve too many risks, including for a 90-year-old man.

“The only part that is a little physical, physiological extreme, is the acceleration to 3G along the x axis, you are crushed on your back, almost anyone can handle it. What is difficult to bear are the accelerations on the vertical axis which empty the brain. If you are not toned you can fall in the apples. You can trail yourself crushed, but there is no danger to life, “he explains.

For the return, the situation is the same. “There is 3 / 4G, but it’s bearable because it’s on the right axis.”

A “bell jump” of a few minutes

Invited to our branch, Marie-Ange Sanguy, editor-in-chief of the magazine Espace et exploration, details the flight that the four passengers of the Blue Origin rocket will perform in a few minutes.

“It’s a suborbital flight, a bell jump. They’ll go up, do a few minutes of weightlessness, and come down in a capsule almost in the same place. It’s quite short, we go up to 100 kilometers and we go back down, c ‘is suborbital tourism, ”she describes.

Who are the other passengers?

In addition to the Canadian actor, three other passengers will be on board this Wednesday. Chris Boshuizen is a former NASA engineer and the co-founder of Planet Labs, an American company that photographs the Earth in high resolution every day using satellites.

Glen de Vries is the co-founder of Medidata Solutions, a company specializing in clinical trial monitoring software for the pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, Audrey Powers is a manager of Blue Origin, in particular in charge of flight operations and maintenance of the rocket.

Who is William Shatner, the actor who will be on board?

The circle is complete. Unforgettable actor of the Star Trek series, in which he played the legendary Captain Kirk, William Shatner will become at the age of 90 the oldest person to reach space.

This is the second flight with passengers on board for the rocket owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos. The latter himself made the trip last July.

“I am going to be amazed at the sight of space. I want to look at the globe and appreciate its beauty and toughness,” William Shatner said Tuesday in a video posted by Blue Origin.

“I am terrified,” he also told the New York ComicCon last week. “I am Captain Kirk and I am terrified.” In total, the experience will last only eleven minutes.

How will the flight go?

The rocket will take off shortly after 3 p.m. for a few minutes in space, with on board an emblematic passenger of the conquest of space: the Canadian actor William Shatner, who played the legendary Captain Kirk of the Star Trek series.

The New Shepard rocket, fully automated and reusable, takes off vertically. It consists of a launcher and a capsule with an ultra-modern design, which detaches in flight.

Thus propelled, it goes beyond what is called the Karman line which marks, at an altitude of 100 km, the border of space according to the international convention.

Passengers can detach themselves from their seats and float for a few moments in zero gravity. The capsule then falls back to Earth, braked by three parachutes and a back-thruster. The launcher returns for its part to land automatically not far from its take-off point.

A Blue Origins rocket will take off this Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

It is from West Texas that a Blue Origin rocket will take off this Wednesday shortly after 3 p.m., with four passengers on board, including cult Canadian actor William Shatner, who has become cult thanks to the series. Star Trek.

In addition, three other passengers will be on board Wednesday for a trip of just over 10 minutes, Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries and Audrey Powers.