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The end? Štefan Tarkovič is a friend, but Ján Kováčik hinted at something – ŠPORT.sk


Oct 13, 2021

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The Slovaks also lost the mathematical chance to advance to MS 2022 in advance. In the group, where for objective reasons they were to finish in second place. What impact will the failure have on the future of the national team? Her former helmsman Ján Kocian (2006-08) also talks about this for ŠPORT.sk.

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A harder hand is missing

How did you feel about the team in Croatia?

“Positives prevailed. The favorite was a lot at home, we played a good and balanced match. Freezing cheap goals collected. It spoils the good impression of the game and ultimately the result. ”

The Slovaks missed two points across the leaky wall. The lack of concentration in the defensive or offensive has revoked Slovaks several times in recent months. What causes it?

“In this case, it was the individual mistakes of Milan Škriniar and Ladislav Almási who parted in the wall. The coach does not even draw attention to such things at the international level, that is a matter of course. The team lacks the harder hand of the leader. They are all very good footballers and nice young people, but here and there someone has to raise their voices. Martin Škrtel was a natural authority and an extended hand of the coach. This type is missing at the moment. ”

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The scrubber must also use verbal authority

Is his successor outlined in this direction?

“From the point of view of the future, it will probably remain up to Škriniar. He has natural authority, but he must also use verbal. But I’m not on the team and I don’t know the nature of other players. ”

Is it possible to work on leadership strengths or does the player have to have it in him?

“It simply came to our notice then. The coach does not determine who will be the leader. Players also have their own world without a coach and leaders crystallize themselves. Age doesn’t matter either. Tomáš Hubočan is older, but he has a different role in the game. Marek Hamšík and Juraj Kucka remained the leaders, Škriniar must take over the baton. Someone else may stand up next to him. ”

The wingers were handicapped by defensive tasks

The wingers have faced criticism in recent months. Did Ivan Schranz and Lukáš Haraslín satisfy you in Croatia?

“They played a good match. I was quite surprised that Haraslín was at the European Championships at the base and did not even fit into the nomination for three months. You could see how the move to Sparta Prague helped him. Schranz is the explosive, speed type we’ve been missing for a long time. ”

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We must encourage offensive players to take bold solutions, even at the cost of risk. The wingers have to make 4-6 penetrations per half, not one per match, “he called in an interview for ŠPORT.sk Ladislav Borbély. How do you increase the impact on the offensive?

“I agree with Lac. At one time, the wingers in the national team were handicapped that they were too bound by defensive tasks. The coaches did not push them to bold penetrations and we dealt with ourselves. The wingers have to play ahead in the first place. ”

Almasi has not yet resolved the post of attacker

Almási has not yet had the attention of Róbert Boženík or David Strelec. Is he typologically an attacker whom Slovakia has been looking for for a long time?

“He was convinced of the quality, we could lean on him. He pushed the defenders, won fights, held the ball. Unlike the concept with Ondrej Dud, the attack did not lose its height. He is currently a suitable type, but after one match we cannot say that we have a resolved post. Now he will be more in sight, under more pressure and we will see how it will work. ”

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Slovakia is not a great power, but should it have finished at least second in the competition of such Russia and Croatia?

“Definitely. We perceived the Croatian world vice-champions after the draw as a top favorite, but we trusted the Russians due to the mutual balance and the quality of our generation of players. However, the initial losses with outsiders Cyprus and Malta haunted us and paid for them. We could and should have achieved more. ”

Much can be read from Kováčik’s statement

The president of the Slovak Football Association, Ján Kováčik, is open to his circumstances marked qualification for failure. He expressed “dissatisfaction and great disappointment”. What does it mean?

“When the first man of Slovak football says that, it must be taken for granted. Qualification failed. After the bad Europeans, there was progress in the game, but as the president said, football is not figure skating. It is played on goals and points, not an artistic impression. A lot can be read from Kováčik’s statement… ”

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Do you expect the end of coach Štefan Tarkovič?

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t like to comment on this topic, because Štefan is my friend and I respect him. He passed on everything he knew. The statement of Kováčik, who is pragmatic in this and has already dealt with it very quickly and vigorously with Pavel Hapal, suggests enough. ”

Even an expensive coach from abroad is not a guarantee

If they open a coaching question, would you also look abroad?

“I think that Kováčik will also look for foreign waters in the event of a change. The question is whether we can pay the coach from abroad. Finances would probably still be found for the Czechs, and a federal treasury would probably not be enough for a German, a Spaniard or a Portuguese.

In addition, it is a demanding robot. Even a more expensive coach from abroad is no guarantee that he will work wonders in one sudden and we will start winning everything. Craig Ramsay also needed time to orient himself in Slovak hockey. The Poles gave Paul Sous 70,000 euros a month and in the first eight matches he defeated only Andorra. The coach has players available for 2-3 trainings per month, system changes take time. ”

The end of support. But do we have a replacement?

The national team has a year and a half until the start of the next qualification. What do you expect from this period?

“First of all, establishing a vision, and so on. With what players, coach, game system… ”

Hubočan is 36 years old, Pekarík, Kucka and Hamšík are 34. Do you expect them to end in the national team after the November meeting?

“It depends on whether they still feel it, whether they will be in the plans of Tarkovič or a new coach, and whether we have a replacement for them. It would not be ideal if they all ended up at once. With all due respect to Hubočan and Pekarík, players are able to replace them in their positions. Hamšík and Kuck may also need to be held for leadership reasons. ”