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It is not true that vaccination causes changes in blood cells – PRAVDA.sk


Oct 13, 2021

Thousands of Facebook users shared a German video in late August, in which opponents of the vaccine claimed that there were serious changes in the blood cells of vaccinated patients.

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However, according to experts, the methods used in the video experiment do not meet the basic medical standards and therefore their result cannot be considered as evidence that vaccines pose a health risk.

They also pointed to the alleged presence of “metal” particles in blood samples and argued that vaccines could cause cancer. However, according to experts, the methods used in the video experiment do not meet the basic medical standards and therefore their result cannot be considered as evidence that vaccines pose any health risk. TASR draws attention to misinformation in cooperation with the AFP news agency.

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Bärbel Ghitalla, Axel Bolland and Elmar Becker, among others, appear in the video. Bärbel Ghitalla is an alternative natural healer in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. According to her own website, she works as a nurse and within her services she provides the so-called analysis of live blood.

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Alex Bolland is a general practitioner specializing in natural healing, and in the video he mentions the problems of his patients after being vaccinated against Covid-19. Elmar Becker is an active member of Klagepaten, which sympathizes with the Querdenker anti-vaccination movement.

Everyone in the video claims that they found unusual cell formations in the examined blood samples of the vaccinated persons, which, according to them, are the result of vaccination.

However, according to medical professor Carsten Müller-Tidow, the microscopic images of blood clusters appearing in the video have no clinical significance. “In addition, nothing meaningful can be seen here, because the blood examined was not stained correctly,” he told AFP, head of the Department of Hematology, Oncology and Rheumatology, Heidelberg University Hospital.

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For a correct diagnosis, he said, the blood should be smeared on a microscope slide and stained using a special technique: “Without smearing, staining and anticoagulation, the blood will clot and nothing can be observed,” added Müller-Tidow.

Alexander Lerchl, professor of biology at Jacobs University in Bremen, agrees. “I do not see anything pathologically relevant here. First, the images are of poor quality and second, they contain various unknown elements (dust? Hair? Scratched glass?), He told AFP. The researchers, for example, refuted another claim in the video that vaccines “accelerate” cancer because vaccination is said to shut down the immune system for two weeks.

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Timm Dauelsberg, director of the Clinic for Cancer Rehabilitation at the University Hospital of Freiburg for AFP, said: “Cancer cell metastasis is a very complex process. As soon as the tumor reaches a certain size, the individual tumor cells begin to separate from the tumor and float through the bloodstream to a new target through the newly formed veins. To date, science has not been able to determine what triggers cancer cells to separate from the original tumor. This issue is extremely important for cancer research, as a better understanding of the metastatic process can open up new therapeutic possibilities. “

Professor Müller-Tidow added: “There is no evidence that vaccines accelerate the development of cancer. On the contrary, many vaccines, such as hepatitis B or papillomavirus, act as prevention.

For example, the German Society for Hematology and Health Oncology (DGHO) explicitly recommends vaccination against COVID-19 in cancer patients.