• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

PSG: Neymar was insulted in Brazil, a former L1 flies to his rescue


Oct 13, 2021

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Times are hard for Neymar, between complicated performances with both PSG and Brazil, but also repeated controversies. His feeling of unease in Brazil, which prompts him to question the rest of his international career after 2022, is even more understandable if public figures start to insult him.

Because during the last match against Colombia, Neymar was quite simply called “an idiot” on television by the flagship commentator in Brazil. Galvão, thinking his mic cut off, insulted the Brazilian as he walked back to the locker room by not greeting the Colombian players.

Jussiê is indignant at the insults

What to provoke the anger of Jussiê, the former player of Bordeaux or Lens, in the columns of the Team. “Since he was named the savior of Brazilian football, he has to fend for himself. He never had a player to back him up and to share the pressure, like Ronaldo had Rivaldo for example. He is all alone. It’s hellish. Yet he is doing his utmost. He doesn’t do everything, of course, but he tries and he respects our DNA. Despite that, he is disrespected. Did you see the episode with Galvão (Bueno)? It goes beyond the limits. In Brazil, we martyr our idols, it’s cultural. Neymar has been living with this enormous pressure on his shoulders for too many years. It has reduced its longevity. He fights, he fights, but now he’s had enough. That he played his last World Cup at 30, it doesn’t surprise me. It is not abnormal. I think he will be relieved when he stops, ”said the former Ligue 1 striker.

to summarize

Neymar, the star of PSG, is more controversial than ever in Brazil. Latest news to date, a verbal slippage of a Brazilian personality. The flagship commentator in Brazil indeed insulted Neymar at the end of the match against Colombia.