• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Migrants, Poland announces construction of a wall on the border with Belarus


Oct 13, 2021

Poland intends to permanently fortify its border with Belarus to stop the growing wave of migrants. Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski announced that the 2.5 meter high barbed wire barriers erected in August by the army will be reinforced with a “solid” barrier, equipped with surveillance systems and motion detectors. The Polish government has so far defined the installation as a “barrier” or “barricade”, avoiding the use of the term “wall”. Although the ruling Law and Justice party does not have a parliamentary majority, observers believe that the provision will be approved, thanks to the support of other sections of the Assembly. The equivalent of 366 million euros has been allocated for the construction of the new barrier. The work will be supervised by the Polish border police. Warsaw accuses Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarus of purposely pushing migrants within EU borders, in response to sanctions against his government.