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CURRENT Supreme Court rules: Alena Zsuzsová will spend many years behind bars – Topky.sk


Oct 13, 2021

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The Supreme Court ruled on three defendants in the murder of Hurban’s expressor Lázsló Basternák. Defendant Zsuzsová requested proceedings in her absence, so only Mosnár and Ostružlík were present at the hearing. The Senate of the Supreme Court has decided to spend 21 years behind bars. The prosecutor proposed 25.

The Senate of the Specialized Criminal Court ruled that Zsuzsová, Ostružlík and Mosnár were guilty. According to him, they were convicted by a “chain of evidence”. According to Judge Hrubal, the main motive was the rivalry between politicians and candidates for mayor Hurbanov. All three appealed against the verdict.

László Basternák was shot by Štefan Kaluz in 2010. Kaluza was caught shortly after the murder and today he is serving a 25-year prison sentence. Police worked with a version that someone had ordered the murder. However, Kaluz did not reveal the customer.

Stefan Kaluz

It was not until 2018, after the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak, that NAKA detained several people, including Alena Zsuzsová and Zoltán Andruskó. It was Andruskó who testified that Zsuzs had ordered the murder of the expressor. Later, Kaluz himself began to testify. The accused Mosnar is the former driver of Zsuzs. She was doing a political campaign for Ostružlík against the murdered Basternák.