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Sacha Baron Cohen provokes with her alter egos, does not save the USA, digs into ‘own’ – PRAVDA.sk


Oct 13, 2021

British comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who was born on October 13, 1971, caused a stir especially with his comedic alter egoes, which drew unsuspecting respondents into his sketches and revealed their characters.


Actor Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat in a 2006 shot.

Probably the most famous of Baron Cohen’s characters is probably the Kazakh television reporter Borat Sagdiyev, who appeared in two feature films.

A Londoner with Jewish roots, modeled on the famous British comedian and actor Peter Sellers, studied at Cambridge University, started in front of the camera as a moderator of children’s shows, and made a living as a model. He became famous in the late 1990s with his show Da Ali G Show, in which he ridiculed celebrities and anonymous people on the street.

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla ...

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen in a 2013 shot.

In 2006, he excelled in Borat: Peeking into American Culture at the behest of the famous Kazakh nation in the role of the fake, uncouth Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev, who is shooting a film about Americans in the USA. He was awarded a Golden Globe for her and the film was also nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay. He has made more than $ 250 million worldwide. But the film angered Kazakh officials, who considered Borat’s mystification to be derogatory. Apart from Kazakhs, the comedian did not spare Americans, Roma or Jews.

He also achieved worldwide success as a representative of the Austrian gay fashion reporter Brün (2009) or as Aladin, the ruler of the fictional landscape Wadiya, in the film Dictator (2012). Five years ago, he introduced his next alter ego, football and beer fan Nobby, in Grimsby.

Borat’s second installment came to theaters last fall and responded to the spread of anti-Semitic and xenophobic rhetoric following President Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House. However, Cohen told the American radio NPR in February this year that he could not and will not try to make another film in the spirit of those about the Kazakh journalist Borat.

Last year, Baron Cohen did not appear only as a sexist and anti-Semitic journalist from Kazakhstan. For his portrayal of one of the anti-war activists, Abbie Hoffman, in the film, the Chicago Tribunal earned a Golden Globe nomination for the supporting actor. At the same time, he devoted himself to activism and continued to advocate for the regulation of large technology companies, which he called the “largest propaganda machinery in history” the year before.

He is married to Australian actress Isla Fisher and they have three children together.