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Coronavirus in Slovakia: PCR tests detected almost 2,500 positives (minute by minute) – SME.sk


Oct 13, 2021

PCR tests in Slovakia revealed almost 430,000 coronavirus infections. The Covid-19 pandemic claimed 12,772 lives.

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We follow coronavirus news online minute by minute:

11:40 WORLD A pilot testing of students will start in ten schools in Moscow from Thursday. It is believed that such a step could prevent schools from moving to distance learning. The number of infected people in Moscow has been rising since mid-September, even among children.

The National Pandemic Operations Staff announced today that it has registered 28,717 new confirmed cases in the country in the last 24 hours. coronavirus and another 984 deaths per covid. In both cases, these are new highs since the beginning of the pandemic.

11:20 SLOVAKIA Employees of social services facilities and centers for children and families should receive so-called infectious surcharge of EUR 405. It will be a subsidy for an employee in an employment relationship who worked in the facility during the crisis situation during the ordered quarantine measures and was in direct contact with clients with a covid in isolation.

This follows a draft regulation that Minister Krajniak should present to the government on Thursday.

11:14 SLOVAKIA How are the individual districts doing? Compare the development of the seven-day incidence.

11:00 SLOVAKIA There are 1,528,984 fully vaccinated people in the productive age from 15 to 64 on Wednesday.

The most fully vaccinated people are in the Bratislava region.

The Ministry of Health recalls that vaccination is the most effective tool for protecting health and life in connection with covid.

10:39 WORLD Cyprus will rank Slovakia among the countries of the red category from Thursday.

Unvaccinated passengers will thus need a negative test result to enter the country. They will also have to be tested upon arrival at the airport.

Fully vaccinated people do not need a test. However, they continue to be subject to random testing at airports. Vaccinated persons are also exempted from quarantine if they have been in close contact with a positive case of covid.

At the same time, all passengers are required to register using the form Cyprus Flight Pass 48 hours before departure.

10:10 SLOVAKIA In the previous day, 1,475 primary vaccines were added. The total number of people vaccinated with the first dose of anti-antidote vaccines thus increased to 2,473,996.

2,352,885 people are fully vaccinated, and 1,779 inhabitants were vaccinated with the second dose last day. 1,658 people are registered in the waiting room for the first dose.

10:00 SLOVAKIA The situation continues to deteriorate, after a long time we have more than two thousand cases. Patients in hospitals and pulmonary ventilation are also on the rise.

Through 13,927 PCR tests, they detected 2,406 cases of coronavirus infection on Tuesday, the highest since mid-March. 75.5 percent of them were not vaccinated. The positivity of the tested PCR samples jumped to 17.28 percent.

The laboratories also evaluated 19,715 antigen tests, 372 were positive.

There were also 20 victims of Covid-19. The total number of “covid” deaths thus increased to 12,772, the total number of “covid” deaths is 2,505.

The most positively tested by PCR tests were in the Žilina Region (589), followed by Prešovský (520), Košický (391), Banskobystrický (301), Trnavský (189), Bratislavský (183), Nitriansky (119) and Trenčiansky (114).

Covid patients have arrived in hospitals. A total of 877 patients are hospitalized, and the confirmed covid has 818 people. Among hospitalized, 83.54 percent of people are not vaccinated at all or only partially vaccinated.

There are 97 patients in the JIS, 91 people need the support of artificial lung ventilation.

9:51 WORLD Covid numbers in the Czech Republic are deteriorating and more people, mostly unvaccinated, end up in hospitals, the Czech prime minister informed Andrej Babiš. He therefore convened the Health Risk Council on Thursday, and the Ministry of Health is due to present another strategy.

9:30 WORLD There have been 11,903 new cases in Germany in the last 24 hours. A week ago, it was a similar increase – 11,547 new infections.

09:10 SLOVAKIA The situation in primary schools in the founding area of ​​the city of Košice began to deteriorate after a three-week constant decline in the number of infected pupils with Covid-19 disease. There are currently 25 quarantined and more than 600 students in quarantine.

08:59 WORLD Ukraine has recorded the second highest increase in Covid-19-related deaths since the start of the pandemic. There were 471 casualties, which is only ten less than the previous record of April 7.

08:04 WORLD There are 1,511 new cases of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic, which is 400 more than last Tuesday. This is the highest daily increase since mid-May.

07:16 WORLD There were 11,903 infections in Germany in the last day. One week ago, they recorded 11,547 new cases in the country. Covid-19 contracted 92 patients.

06:57 THE WORLD The USA will open its land borders in November after 19 months for vaccinated passengers. So far, essentially only necessary routes, such as trade, have been allowed.

06:00 WORLD Russia will start testing its Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19 in the form of a nasal spray. They will be given to adult volunteers.

Russia has rapidly developed Sputnik V in response to the covid pandemic, but the country is still unable to cope with the growing number of infections and victims, and vaccination is progressing slowly. The reason, according to the Reuters agency, is people’s distrust of the authorities and fears about new medical products.