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Problems at OVH: many sites no longer work, a “human error” involved – Numerama


Oct 13, 2021

Many sites were inaccessible on the morning of October 13, 2021: the French host OVH has confirmed to be involved and speaks of “human error”.

What do the site of the Centre Pompidou, Strasbourg airport, the media Clubic and Stop on Images and data.gouv.fr? They were all completely inaccessible on October 13, 2021 around 9:30 a.m., the Numerama editorial staff confirmed.

At issue: the French host OVH, who confirmed a problem at his level. It would be a ” human error », According to its co-founder.

On the site DownDetector, where Internet users can report breakdowns on the sites they visit, there were already 14,000 reports in less than 30 minutes, which is very significant. It is not only France that is affected: OVH also has customers abroad, in Canada, Spain or Turkey for example.

Outages reported on OVH on October 13, 2021 // Source: downdetector

On Twitter, several Internet users have made the same observation.

What happened with OVH?

The routine maintenance of a router, scheduled for October 13 between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., seems to have gone wrong. This is what confirmed Octave Klaba, co-founder of OVH, on Twitter: “ Following a human error during the reconfiguration of the network (…) we have a problem on the whole backbone », He published.

In recent days, the intensity of DDoS attacks has increased significantly. We have decided to increase our DDoS processing capacity by adding new infrastructures in our DC VH (US-EST). A bad configuration of the router caused the failure of the network “, He then clarified.

The URL which leads to the concrete explanations of this maintenance unfortunately only refers for the moment to an out-of-service site, since it leads to the site works.ovh.net, him too down.

Can we speak of an OVH “failure”?

By the way, what is OVH?

OVH, which is now called OVHcloud, is a French company founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba. In the space of 20 years, it has become one of the heavyweights in the field of website and file hosting. If it is still of modest size compared to American behemoths like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, it is the leader in France and in Europe.

To underline the evolution of its activities (but also the evolution of the practices of Internet users themselves) and to make its core business much more obvious to everyone, the company changed its name in 2019 Indeed, cloud computing and remote hosting constitute, according to data from October 2019, more than 70% of its turnover.

In recent years, OVH has positioned itself as a company concerned with the challenges of digital sovereignty. She could thus recover within a few years the Health Data Hub project, a huge platform relating to the health data of French women and men. She also close to a German competitor and picked up decisive certifications in this context.

However, this story is marred by some notable technical incidents, as in 2017 with a power supply problem. But it was in 2021 that the group experienced his biggest disaster, with a fire that devastated a good part of one of its data centers in Strasbourg. the restart took a long time and it was found that data sometimes did not survive the fire.

Which sites are affected by the problem with OVH?

Many sites were affected by the October 13 blackout. The list below is therefore not exhaustive, but it gives a fairly clear overview of how major this incident is on the French web.

  • arretsurimages.net
  • clubic.com
  • data.gouv.fr
  • demarches-simplifiees.fr
  • interflora.fr
  • humanoid.fr (this is the site of the Numerama group 😭)
  • lucca.fr
  • macg.co
  • strasbourg.aeroport.fr

OVH’s “impact-free” maintenance already hijacked

Paradoxically, the tweet announcing the maintenance ensured that there was ” no impact expected “, because the ” devices will be isolated before the change “. Obviously, this did not fail to react Internet users, who used their mocking memes to hijack the company’s communication.

Source: Twitter / DeadkatFS
Source: Twitter / suprnurd

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