• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The situation in one district is already unbearable! Data without pathos: This is where all the fun ends, and so little is enough – Topky


Oct 13, 2021

For some time now, the capital has been celebrating – they have reached the vaccination rate of the inhabitants of Bratislava at the level of 75 percent, which means that they have two jokers who can help them in a COVID vending machine. Thus, in the worst case, Bratislava would be at most red.

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Dunajská Streda also has one vaccine joker. In recent days, Šaľa, Galanta and Trnava have joined these cities. It is thus the second regional city that does not have to worry about the strictest measures. According to analysts from the Data without Pathos project, two more could be added to these cities in the coming days – Komárno and Žilina.

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“Komárno doesn’t need it very much, but in our map, dark Žilina (apart from the fact that I’m from there) deserves it. Žilina would be the third regional city after Bratislava and Trnava, which is a strong and necessary signal and” relaxation “for the economy.” analysts warned. In the coming weeks, Trenčín and Prešov could also be other regional weeks with a joker.

Situation in one district

Source: FB / Data without pathos

However, the situation is worse in Stropkov. It is a city with 30,000 inhabitants, where they are currently experiencing the pitfalls of the delta and the epidemic situation is extremely serious. At present, they are missing 750 seniors over the age of 50. However, for the past week, they can not boast of nice numbers. “For the whole of last week, they vaccinated: no one over the age of 75, one married couple of 60s, a total of 6 people over the age of 50. There is no time for nonsense. could be vaccinated in the last month. But they probably don’t read this, so we actually write it unnecessarily, “ concluded.