• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Origin Covid, “China will examine thousands of blood samples collected in Wuhan”


Oct 13, 2021

China is preparing to examine tens of thousands of blood samples collected in the Wuhan megalopolis as part of a research on the origin of Covid 19. This was revealed by CNN citing an official of the Chinese National Health Commission. The blood samples are kept at the Wuhan Blood Center and the ‘archive’ – up to 200,000 samples, including those from the last months of 2019 – was indicated last February by WHO experts, CNN points out, as a possible source. of crucial information that could help define when and where the virus passed from animals to humans. According to Chinese officials, the blood bank samples believed to be from 2019 were kept for two years in case evidence was needed in possible donation-related lawsuits. The period will expire shortly for the months of October and November 2019. And according to the official quoted by CNN, preparations are underway to examine the samples and the tests will begin at the end of the two years. In July the head of the team of Chinese experts who working with WHO, Liang Wannian had said for the first time during a press conference that the Asian giant would review the samples, promising to share the results. “Nobody will believe the results provided by China unless there are at least qualified observers,” said Maureen Miller, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University.