• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Operation Barkhane: a French soldier dies in an accident in Mali


Oct 13, 2021

This Wednesday morning, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces announced the accidental death of Field Marshal Adrien Quelin in an accident that occurred during the performance of his duties while he was participating in Operation Barkhane, in Mali.

The press release from the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces fell on Wednesday morning. A French soldier, participating in Operation Barkhane, lost his life in Mali. The man succumbed to his accidental injuries. This is the Marshal des Logis Adrien Quélin, 29, who worked as a mechanic. The man was a soldier in the 4th Gap Chasseur Regiment.

The accident occurred on the desert relay platform in Timbuktu in Mali. “The marshal of the logis Adrien Quélin, mechanic within the Desert tactical group Roc Noir of the Force Barkhane, was performing a maintenance operation on a truck. He was seriously injured by the tilting of the cab of this truck while he was working on the engine of the vehicle “, details the text.

An ongoing investigation

“Despite the immediate support by the emergency services on the spot, he could not be resuscitated. He died of his injuries,” he continues. An investigation was also opened to shed light on the tragedy.

“The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Thierry Burkhard, bows with deep sadness at the memory of this soldier who died in operation. His thoughts are with his family, his relatives and his brothers in arms “, concludes the press release.

The Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, also paid tribute.

“The housekeeper Adrien Quélin died following an accident during a maintenance operation in Timbuktu in Mali. I salute his commitment and bow to his memory. My thoughts are with his family, his loved ones and brothers in arms, ”she wrote on Twitter.

Robin verner BFMTV reporter