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The threats of leaving the coalition can be heard most often in history thanks to Kollár – Denník N


Oct 13, 2021

Hospital reform and the reorganization of the courts are two other topics for which We are a family threatening to leave the coalition. The chairman of the movement, Boris Kollár, said on Monday that he would not support the reform of hospitals, even if it meant the end of his party in the governing coalition. “I do not see a worse step than to depopulate these regions through the disruption of the courts, through the disruption of hospitals. After all, these are the biggest employers, “said Kollár.

It was not the first time that We Family threatened the coalition with their departure. Only recently did they consider the reasons for their departure to be a possible change in section 363 of the Criminal Code, on the basis of which Attorney General Maroš Žilinka released the nominee of Kollár’s party Pčolinský, a suspect of corruption, or the General and Special Prosecutor’s Office.

However, Boris Kollár spoke about his departure from the coalition even if the party did not pass changes to the laws on the construction of rental housing or the execution amnesty.

Some members of the coalition do not consider the threats posed by Boris Kollár serious. “Boris Kollár leaves every week. It is a pity that he makes such statements without sitting at the negotiating table, “said Juraj Šeliga, Member of the For People.

“The collar should first do his homework, that is, come up with a specific proposal or proposals for a coalition council – this is how it is done in a good coalition family – and not do an opposition policy,” says Michal Šipoš, chairman of the OĽaNO club.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď (OĽaNO) described the position on Expres Kollárov radio as a theatrical performance. “All other theatrical performances that are taking place must be terminated,” he said.

Three weeks ago, OĽaNO leader Igor Matovič admitted to a government without We Are a Family if it blocked the changes for the “cleansing of the country”, but he has not repeated such a tough stance since then.

Many threats, leaving only one

In the history of independent Slovakia, it happened only once that the governing party left the governing coalition voluntarily. Done

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