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Felix Slováček after a stroke: Patras was worried about him and he… Kruto CANCELED her! – Topky.sk


Oct 13, 2021

Felix Slováček (78 )’s health deteriorated: Sudden transport to hospital and hospitalization!

Felix Slováček was on his way to the cottage, together with his ex-girlfriend Lucia Gelemová, when he suddenly felt bad in the car. The artist, who was 40 years younger, immediately took the musician to the hospital, where they kept him for a few days. Felix was naturally feared by all those closest to him, including his still lawful wife, Dada Patras.

But when she wanted to come to the hospital to visit him, she received an ice shower. “I was very worried about Felix, because he is my husband, whom I love,” Dad admitted to the Czech Blesk. So she bought apples that Felix loves and called him to go after him, but … “He told me not to think that he didn’t want to get upset and that Mrs. Gelem came to see him every day anyway.” shocked by Patras.

No wonder these words hit her. “It simply came to my notice then. Who else should go to him when he is not his rightful wife, with whom he has lived for 40 years? ” asks Dad, who didn’t go anywhere in the end. “I’m not going to be thrown out of nowhere,” she added. But what struck her most was what happened next. Felix spoke to the media about who came to the hospital and who planned to come … But he somehow missed Dada.

Felix Slováček was taken to the hospital by ex-girlfriend Lucie Gelemová.
Felix Slováček after a stroke:

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“And that he would mention that I wanted to go after him, so he didn’t bother. He made me a nice cow in public like this, ” stressed the actress. But when Felix was released on Monday and his ex-wife Lucie brought him to Prague again, she was like honey again. However, she was surprised by the words that Felix told her after her arrival – the doctors allegedly not only did not ban sex, but also recommended it to him. And supposedly, the more, the better.

And that made Patras suspect that Felix had other mistresses. “It simply came to my notice then. He says about Lucia Gelemová that he has a relationship with her as a daughter. So maybe he has other girlfriends besides me. ” evaluates Dada. “Anyway, I’m happy that my husband is fine, but I’m up to my neck. I’m leaving for Florence at the end of the week and I’m going to have a great day there, ” she added.

Dada Patras was upset that her husband had told her not to go to the hospital with him.
Felix Slováček after a stroke:

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