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Oct 13, 2021

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Hana Gregorová surprised everyone with her appearance. And look how it happened!

For many years, Hana Gregorová lived in a happy marriage with her second husband, Radek Brzobohatý. However, he died suddenly nine years ago and it took quite a long time for Hana’s widow to recover from his death. A few years ago, however, the actress caused a stir in her relationship with her younger partner and also caused problems with her own children. The couple survived a turbulent period, even a breakup.

Hanin’s partner 32 years younger Ondřej Koptík left his former family, wife and two small children because of her. Over time, he began to have problems with drugs and under their influence he created various indecencies, among other things, he published intimate photos on social networks with moments together with Hana. It was a real scandal, another would fall underground in the place of Hana from shame.

There was a long silence after these scandals, and it looked like the couple had finally broken up. But the appearance is deceptive, there was also a crown, so it seemed that they were not together, although on a social network with joint shots, even with friends, Hana had no problem praising.

See what Hana Gregorová looks like >> now

Now, after a long time, Hana has appeared in public again, even with a friend. And no matter who has any reservations about them, it must be said that they both looked very good and satisfied. Hana has tried to lose weight in the past, which she did. She is now so slim that she calmly puts a few decades younger colleagues in her pocket. Appropriate decent clothes and make-up are also their own, they can take years. See in the GALLERY how it cut Han!