• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Why are energy prices rising? And what should Slovakia Energy clients do? – PRAVDA.sk


Oct 13, 2021

What can we do to make the least possible increase in energy prices in our wallets? And what steps must Slovakia Energy clients take? Watch the show It’s about the money.

What are the reasons for rising energy prices? How much does a household with an average consumption pay extra? How does the multi-energy market work? Are clients of the ending company Slovakia Energy in danger of being left without electricity or gas and what do they have to do? How and when can we change supplier and does it make sense? How long will energy prices be high and is there any chance that this will change? Will we have enough gas in the winter?

Jozef Badida, an analyst and founder of the portal, answers in the program It’s about money Energy for you.

Analyst Jozef Badida (Energy for You) on energy prices and opportunities for Slovakia Energy clients.

You can also listen to the show as a podcast

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