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PSG: Neymar is also annoyed against France, Leonardo had to reframe urgently! – Eleven World


Oct 13, 2021

Zapping Eleven Mondial Bayern: an ultra favorite for the final victory?

PSG had left Neymar in a very small form during the defeat at Rennes just before the break, and no doubt hoped that his star would take advantage of his stay with Brazil to redo the cherry. For the moment, it is quite the opposite. His complicated performance against Colombia has exploded the critics, while the controversies are linked between a selfie without a mask with a young fan, and especially his statements to DAZN where Neymar hinted at his mental fatigue which would push him not to go beyond the 2022 World Cup.

Statements that jumped on the side of PSG. The Team announced on Wednesday that Leonardo immediately contacted Neymar after reading his words, to put things straight. The striker would have reassured his leader that his statements concerned the selection and nothing PSG.

Treatment in France also in its sights

However, other disturbing echoes come from a “close to his years at Barça” quoted by the Team. Neymar would also be annoyed by France. “I know that he does not support the treatment to which he is subject in France, with constant faults and provocations, but I see him less invested, less happy”, assures this relative who nevertheless relies on the arrival of Messi to get back on track.

A hope undoubtedly shared by PSG where the concern does not date from today. “His daily investment, his way of life have long questioned his ability to respond over time to the requirements of one of the best players in the world,” concludes the daily.

to summarize

Neymar’s situation is starting to get more and more burdensome. His recent statements have forced PSG to react through Leonardo. According to the team, the Brazilian sporting director has indeed asked his player for explanations.