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Oct 13, 2021

“We will be dear bride.” With these words, Boris Kollár entered into negotiations before the current coalition in March 2020, and over time it must be acknowledged that he has fulfilled these words so far. It is the leader in the reconstruction of the government.

Recently, the reform of hospitals and courts has become the apple of contention. Kollár has already announced that he will not support the matter in the current proposed form, even if his reluctance should mean leaving the coalition for the We Are Family movement. “If they want to fire us for it, calmly, I’ll leave.” he said heroically. He pointed to the government’s program statement, which speaks of support for depopulated regions. “I do not see a worse step than to depopulate these regions through the disruption of the courts, through the disruption of hospitals. After all, these are the biggest employers, “ he bequeathed.

To a relatively large surprise, however, these words of the Speaker of Parliament did not distract his coalition partners. Minister of Finance and Chairman of OĽaNO Igor Matovič (48) responded to the statements by saying that he currently has other concerns and sees priority in the budget. However, he noted that for a year and a half she had been opposing the SaS coalition, and now Kollár was trying this tactic. The Minister of Economy Richard Sulík (53) perceives the threats of leaving the coalition as something that is often repeated and loses its impact and effect. “It’s just that with one ear in the bottom and the other out,” stated. “I don’t know what Kollar’s reasons were. I don’t even want to speculate about them. I want to hope it’s not cheap populism to rush anyone to like it. “ he added.

Member of Parliament Juraj Šeliga (31) from the For People party, who noted that the leader We are a family from the coalition, is slowly leaving every week, similarly responds to Kollár’s words. For the first time, Kollár inflected the word resignation in the case of a diploma, after which some of the deputies asked him to resign as chairman of the National Council. He was threatened with political divorce even after the release of SIS former Vladimír Pčolinský from custody, even if similar cases were to recur. “Such illegalities cannot go on,” stated.

Boris Kollár – Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and leader of the We Are Family party.

Source: TASR

Kollár’s departure from the coalition was also on the agenda when resolving the issue of the possible repeal of section 363 of the Criminal Procedure Code, and he set identical conditions associated with a possible end in the government on the topic of approving rental apartments and execution amnesties. However, political scientist Grigory Mesezhnikov is convinced that although Kollar is playing the “internal opposition”, in reality he does not want to leave the coalition. “I think it’s just a game of voters who want to nurture the image of a fighter for social interests,” the expert stated that this procedure had so far been passed on among coalition partners to Kollár. “If they changed their attitude and let him know that they could rule without him, he would have to consider such statements much more carefully.” he bequeathed. “On the one hand, he wants to take advantage of power and be in the government, and on the other hand, he is basically hindering the reform process that the government wants to start, which is not entirely fair. It would be cleaner and fairer to really leave and not wait. “ concluded the political scientist.

Another political scientist, Radoslav Štefančík, also criticized the head of parliament. “We family was not based on some more serious value principles, but on pure populism. The party is expected to have the least interest in reform, but worse, it is blocking those reforms. “ stated.

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