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Oct 13, 2021

Sarah Mills, a mother of three children from New South Wales who had more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, posted pictures on her accounts because the lockdown ended in Sydney yesterday.

The photos show him smiling with his children and wearing yellow signs in the shape of the Star of David. A proud symbol of Judaism, a version that the Nazis infamously used to identify the Jewish nation and label it as an “enemy of the people.”

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Source: Instagram / sarahmills_amongstthestars

She used the Holocaust symbol

Where the Nazi patches contained the word “Jude” (in German a Jew), Mrs. Mills wrote “no vax” and then attached the stars to her and children’s T-shirts. “As of today, I can no longer enter restaurants, cafes, theaters, cinemas, concerts, museums, sporting events, swimming pools, clothing stores, or anything that is considered irrelevant.” she wrote in the headline.

“I live in regional New South Wales (NSW), so we’ve lived free for a while. I could be safe for the public yesterday, I’m a threat today.”

Alluding to the Star of David in the picture, she went on to say that “history repeats itself.” She compared NSW’s government reopening plan with the treatment of Jews under Nazi rule. Another picture, released yesterday, shows striped pajamas similar to Jewish prisoners in Nazi death camps. The picture was: “Prisoner 385968 reports for duty”

KORONAVÍRUS A well-known antivaxer published

Source: Instagram / sarahmills_amongstthestars

She washed her bills

Mrs Mills seems to have paid out all her social media accounts. However, the images were taken and shared by members of the Australian Jewish community. They reacted in horror to what they saw.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, a leading civil rights organization, said the pictures were “Extremely ugly and offensive” and that they are “Trivialisation and devaluation of the Holocaust”.

“While Sarah Mills is certainly entitled to express her fundamental position on the measures taken by state governments in response to the outbreak of Covid-19, it is extremely outrageous to compare them to the monstrous rules enacted by Hitler’s Third Reich.” he said. “Nothing in Australia can match or even come close to the indescribable atrocities that Hitler did on an industrial scale,” stressed

“It is outrageous and disgusting that Mrs. Mills uses her children to use the infamous yellow star that Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis during the Holocaust to identify them more quickly, then dehumanize and eventually murder, simply to gain a political point on compulsory vaccination. “

He said wearing yellow stars indicated ignorance of what had really happened in Nazi Germany, and called on Ms. Mills to apologize and “stop the rough discussion.”

“Such stupid comparisons humiliate the murders of millions of Jews and others and are historically inaccurate and extreme.” he said. “Maybe if she met a Holocaust survivor, she’d understand how wrong they were,” added Abramovich.

KORONAVÍRUS Well-known antivaxer published

Source: Instagram / sarahmills_amongstthestars

Mills: Everyone has a right to their opinion

Mills’ social media site is down, but Ms. Mills describes herself on her website as one of three mothers who have been “tirelessly bullied on the Internet” for their views. “I am stubborn and open, but I firmly believe that everyone has a right to their opinion, and we should simply support so that we can all make our own decisions in life.” wrote on the web.

Despite opposition to Covid-19 vaccines in some parts of the community, NSW is set to become one of the most vaccinated regions in the world.

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Published data point to a huge increase in vaccinations in the state this week – meaning that it is now very likely that NSW will reach its 80 percent target by the weekend, with further rules due to be relaxed on Monday.

A Channel 9 reporter shared data on Tuesday showing that 75.23 percent of adults in the state are now fully vaccinated and 90.77 percent have received the first dose.