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Michel Onfray reaffirms his differences with Eric Zemmour: “Politics is not an intellectual thing” – LCI


Oct 13, 2021

PRESIDENTIAL 2022 – Guest of Ruth Elkrief, the philosopher Michel Onfray believes that Eric Zemmour “is an intellectual in politics”. However, the best political figures “are often the least intellectual possible”, he says on LCI.

Announced in the presidential race, but still not a candidate, Éric Zemmour continues to be talked about. Guest of Ruth Elkrief on LCI this Tuesday, the philosopher Michel Onfray, who debated with the polemicist a week ago at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, sees Éric Zemmour as “an intellectual in politics”. Gold, “politics is not an intellectual thing”, judge the philosopher (see video at the top of this article). “Often the best are the less intellectual ones possible.”

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Eric Zemmour, from polemicist to presidential candidate?

Michel Onfray, who claims to be a “left Gaullist”, ensures to share the same diagnosis as Eric Zemmour, but not the same solutions. “Do you think things are going well in schools, in the suburbs, in hospitals, in the police, in universities, in the media?”, asks the philosopher, like the polemicist. “Me, I believe that civilization is collapsing, too. But there is a major difference: he thinks that Islam is a threat to civilization, I think that there is no threat when civilization is already disappearing. The real threat to our civilization is transhumanism, not Islam. “

“To say that we cannot assimilate you because your first name is not French makes no sense”

In this sense, he opposes the solutions advocated by the potential candidate for the Élysée. “I defend the veil, the fact of having foreign first names, I don’t think Islam is Islamism …”, lists Michel Onfray, with reference to Eric Zemmour’s proposals. “To say that we cannot assimilate you because your first name is not French does not make any sense. And for the veil, it is the same thing.”

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Michel Onfray, who claims not to be responsible for the rise of Eric Zemmour in the polls, also believes that the polemicist divides. “We cannot say that we have an admiration for General de Gaulle – which is also my case – who wanted to unite, when we start by dividing”, denounces the philosopher.

In addition, Michel Onfray indicates that he would abstain in the event of a second round between Emmanuel Macron and Éric Zemmour. “I will not vote for someone who says he is going to change everything when we are in a European straitjacket which does not allow change”, he justifies.

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