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Trial of the November 13 attacks: “I am the one that the terrorist Samy Amimour plays on the scene that evening” – LCI


Oct 13, 2021

JUSTICE – Hearings of victims of the Bataclan attack continue. This Tuesday, several of them testified about their ordeals, including Guillaume, who came to tell how he found himself on the scene, alongside the terrorists.

There are these words and groups of words that come back painfully every day as leitmotif: “sounds of firecrackers”, “a smell of powder”, “a smell of blood”, “entangled bodies”, “gusts”, “piecemeal shooting”, “shouts”, “groans” notably. Then there are all the others, which make the uniqueness of each of the testimonies.

Since Wednesday, October 6, the victims of the Bataclan attack have taken the stand to recount this terrible evening of November 13, 2015 during which they encountered death and / or lost a loved one. Among the civil parties heard on Tuesday, Guillaume. “I came here to shed light on the gray areas of the commissioner of the BAC75 and his colleague. I am the one that the terrorist Samy Amimour plays on the scene that evening. I was saved at the last minute by the Commissioner of Bac75N and his colleague. Without them, I probably wouldn’t be here. “, announces this young dark man, white shirt and dark jacket in the opening remarks of his remarks.

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The extraordinary trial of the November 13 attacks

“Get up or I’ll shoot you in the head”

That evening, Guillaume, then 21, came with his girlfriend Lucie to the Bataclan to listen to the Eagles of Death Metal. At 9.47 p.m., the attack began. The young man then has the reflex to take refuge “under a pile of chairs and boxes stored in a corner of the room”. “My goal was to go to an emergency exit located in my opinion behind the scene”, he explains. Then he hears two terrorists on the balcony shouting something. They mention François Hollande in particular. “I cannot describe precisely what was said”, he told the court.

With others, Guillaume then decides to run away. But in his flight, he is stopped short. “I hear footsteps on a wooden staircase. On the stage where I am, I meet the gaze of the third terrorist. He makes me understand that he is not going to kill me. He handles his weapon strangely “, explains the man at the helm mimicking the attacker’s gesture with a swing of his hand from front to back. “We expected a slightly more professional posture ” he adds.

At this time, Guillaume has “the feeling that the terrorist wanted to make the moment last”. “I understood from the first glance that he wouldn’t kill me. He must not have met a lot of looks that night “.

The man armed with a Kalashnikov then throws at him: “You are with us. Get up ! Get up or I’ll shoot you in the head. “ Guillaume takes the stage and it is there that he realizes “the extent of the damage”: “On stage, I realized everything that had been done, committed. I am then with my hands in the air, held out by the terrorist. He asks me to go and pick up an old crouching person. The terrorist. said to me: ‘Help this son of a bitch to get up, we will see if he is dead’ “.

“Two benevolent shadows”

According to Guillaume, Samy Amimour “improvised” in his speech but also in the way he was going to use him, hostage. “The way he spoke to me, a lot of swear words, a familiar language, which comes from the street, that we hear every day”, lists the one who at the time believed in “a joke”.

It was then that another terrorist, from the top of the balcony, shouted at him: “ Hey you, what are you doing here? “ “He was surprised to see us on stage, Guillaume remembers. Amimour said: ‘It’s good he is with us. And I said ‘: I am with you. It was a way to soothe the excitement of the balcony. Next to me, I had someone relaxed and calm ”.

All of a sudden, the young man sees “two benevolent shadows” at the other end of the room. He understands that these are police officers. The commissioner of the BAC75N and his colleague have just arrived. They “neutralize” Samy Amimour. Guillaume took the opportunity to jump off the platform and leave the room. “I feel the blast of an explosion. I learned later that it was the vest [du terroriste] that had exploded. I left to get to safety “, details, in surprising calm, the one who has never had a psychological follow-up after these events. “The commissioner was not only a savior during the attack but also for the after”, concludes Guillaume before sharing his “highest consideration for the police that day”.

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