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Exhausted professor at the crisis staff: The taverns are used to threats! Well, knitting a family is not fair –


The main topic of the crisis staff meeting was the proliferation of attacks on medical staff, as well as anti-vax campaigns. The police should help the mobile units. Krčméry also took part in the meeting. Why did he come back? “I promised that if we had more than 2,000 cases, I would be back. So here I am. We crossed 2,000 today, so I’m going to help my colleagues.” said the Taverns.

CRISIS STAFF MEETS: Attacks on medical personnel are increasing! Anti-vax campaigns and threats are being addressed

The police will help be more active

Police will begin to work more actively with hospitals and mobile vaccination teams to provide greater protection against verbal as well as physical threats from vaccine opponents. This was stated by the Minister of the Interior Roman Mikulec after Wednesday’s meeting of the Central Crisis Staff.

The innkeepers went abroad

Vaccination has become an extremely controversial topic in Slovakia. The so-called in the summer, antivaxers went from threatening comments to real threats. There were several protests in front of doctors’ homes. In addition, anti-vaxers organized protests in front of vaccination centers. Infectologist Vladimír Krčméry therefore decided to take a strong step and went abroad.

Source: Topky / Jano Zemiar

“For security reasons, I stay abroad and go to Slovakia only when necessary,” said Krčméry some time ago. Protesters were also in front of the house of Elena Prokopová or Pavel Jarčuška. The chief hygienist Ján Mikas, as well as other colleagues and regional hygienists regularly face threats.

So why did the innkeepers return?

As we mentioned at the beginning, he returned due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation. He wants to help his colleagues. Krčméry stated that he was used to threats and attacks. “They shot at us in Haiti every other day, so you’re used to it, but it’s bad when it’s passed on to relatives. It was unfair.” he said.

According to him, with increasing mortality, the attacks will decrease. “Kolege Mikas (Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic, editor’s note) had very difficult moments, on the other hand, I think it will gradually calm down,” Krčméry said, adding that the demonstrators were also invited to a discussion in front of their homes.

“Of the 30, three, four always came to the campus to discuss. There’s a part there that wants to discuss, we’re happy.” he said. Most of the protesters were afraid or frustrated. “It’s just that families don’t get involved, that’s unfair,” he repeated. “Over time, it will calm down, because the beds will be filled and we will not even perceive it,” he said.

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