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“Hitler, he can be nice!” : After her reflection in front of Cyril Hanouna, Apolline de Malherbe explains herself – OZAP


Could Adolf Hitler have been invited to “Don’t touch my post” on C8? This is in essence the question that Apolline de Malherbe asked this morning on RMC and on RMC Story by receiving Cyril Hanouna. The host-producer is currently touring the sets to promote his new work, “What the French said to me”, co-written with journalist Christophe Barbier. During this exchange, the journalist wanted to confront her guest with her contradictions in inviting controversial personalities.

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“Do we have to invite Hitler?”

When you say: ‘yes, for me everyone must have the floor’ (…), I imagine that you have already asked yourself the question. She’s a bit cliché but obviously, we ask ourselves, started Apolline de Malherbe before going straight to the point. “At the time, in 33 in Germany, would you say to yourself, do you have to invite Hitler?“The RMC journalist clarified her thoughts as follows:”You also say that there is a cool side to everyone. I might sound grotesque saying that but I imagine Hitler, if you just talk to him about dogs or food, he can be nice …“.

Cyril Hanouna expressed his disagreement with this reflection: “There you talk about something unrecoverable“.”People loved him enough to bring him to power“, insisted the journalist.”There, I find that it has nothing to do. Excuse me Apolline. There you are talking about someone who has crossed the line. We can’t catch him anymore“, reacted the troublemaker of C8. suggests that you review this sequence.

“This is a question that all journalists ask themselves”

Joined in the morning by to clarify the meaning of her reflection, Apolline de Malherbe agreed to provide some background information. She explains that she was inspired by the interview given by Cyril Hanouna the day before in “Liberation” in which the man says he wants to receive all politicians so that everyone can form their own opinion.

This is what prompted the journalist to push the cursor further: “When the Taliban come to power, should we interview them or not? Could we have questioned Bin Laden? This is a question that all journalists ask themselves“, she cites as an example before discussing the concept developed by Hannah Arendt around”the banality of evil“which is, according to her,”at the heart of this journalistic question“.

Is everyone equal? I don’t have the answer, but it’s a question that seems extremely important to me“, adds Apolline de Malherbe. The journalist confides to have appreciated the presence of Cyril Hanouna on RMC this morning.”He is looking for the same thing as me: to give the floor to all French people. I work without a net and live“, she is strong to underline.


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