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In Algeria, a Hirak figure criticizes Emmanuel Macron’s words – archyworldys


Karim Tabbou, a figure of the Hirak protest movement in Algeria, sharply criticized Tuesday, October 5 the words of French President Emmanuel Macron in which he questions the existence of a “Algerian nation” before French colonization.

Mr. Macron sparked the wrath of Algiers after remarks reported on Saturday by the French newspaper The world, accusing the system “Politico-military” Algerian to maintain a “Memorial rent” by serving his people a “Official story” who “Not based on truths”.

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According to The world, the French president had also affirmed that “The construction of Algeria as a nation is a phenomenon to watch. Was there an Algerian nation before French colonization? That is the question (…) , a passage that most shocked Algerian opinion.

“Emmanuel Macron’s interrogative statement on the existence of Algeria before colonization is an absurd assertion”, writes Karim Tabbou on his Facebook page. Leader of a small opposition party not approved by the authorities, the Democratic and Social Union (UDS), Karim Tabbou, 47, is one of the most popular faces of the Hirak, an unprecedented anti-system movement born in February 2019 .

Immediate recall of the ambassador

“Emmanuel Macron’s statement about Algeria shows the deep dismay of a man who, failing to win major battles, hopes at least to win his electoral battle. Through his statement, Macron tries to put the Algerian debate back on the French political scene in an approach made up of outbidding and populism “, he asserts.

Algiers announced on Saturday the “Immediate recall” of its ambassador in Paris and decided on Sunday to de facto prohibit the overflight of its territory to French military planes as a response.

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“Neither the human rights situation nor questions relating to freedoms interest either side!” “ criticizes this figure of the Hirak, adding that “Official France continues to give the premium to economic interests and official Algeria discounts political support”.

Sentenced at first instance on December 7, 2020 by the court of Koléa, near Algiers, to one year in prison and a fine of 100,000 dinars (some 630 euros) for “Attack on national security”, his appeal trial is scheduled for October 11.

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