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National Caregiver Day takes place on Wednesday October 6. According to a study, the age at which one becomes a family caregiver is only 39 years. Caring for a loved one takes a little over eight hours a week.

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Helping an elderly person or a loved one with a disability, this is the case for 15% of the working population. According to INSEE, in 2030, one in four working people will be caregivers. The study carried out by Viavoice for OCIRP, a social protection player, exclusively for franceinfo, revealed Wednesday October 6 that the age of caregivers is dropping. He is only 39 years old and 81% of those working people who have to take care of a loved one feel they are running out of time in their life. A burden that rubs off on their professional life: four helping employees have already given up on a professional opportunity because of their personal situation.

>> Caregivers do little-recognized work in the shadows: “We don’t have the right to let go”

Caregivers who find it difficult to admit their own situation. The vast majority conceal their burden from their employer. According to this survey, only 26% of family caregivers informed their employer of their situation. “Do all caregivers identify with this definition of ‘I am a caregiver’, notes Pierre Mayeur, Director General of OCIRP. This is one of the first works that must be carried out, it is awareness-raising work so that people recognize themselves as caregivers. Then the second step is to tell your work environment. Because I am afraid of being judged, that I will be told ‘you did not succeed in doing this or that because you are taken by these caregiving tasks’ and the person may be afraid of being under valued, devalued by his manager, by his colleagues and viewed in a different way. “

Caregivers who claim to be ill-informed about their rights. Caregiver leave does exist, however. 44 euros per day for people living as a couple and 52 euros for a single person. A leave that can last three months, and be renewed for up to one year throughout the employee’s career. The request for caregiver leave should be sent to the employer, who cannot refuse it. The leave may be divided. For example one day or half a day per week. The OCIRP asks that the professional branches go beyond and improve this coverage.


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