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Can the Ministry of Health handle a pandemic? It has improved with Lengvarský, experts say (survey) – Denník N


The third wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Slovakia is reflected in the growing number of new cases, hospitalized patients and victims of covid. Every week, more districts increase with anti-epidemic restrictions.

On the contrary, vaccination is growing very slowly and Slovakia’s lag behind the developed world is deepening.

In this situation, we asked experts – doctors and analysts – how, according to them, the Ministry of Health manages management during the third wave of the pandemic.


  1. Do you think the Ministry of Health can manage and lead a pandemic?
  2. What do you rate as the best in the ministry’s progress?
  3. What should the ministry do differently?

Peter Visolajský,
doctor, head of the Medical Trade Union

1. Today, to assess the management of a pandemic, we already have a clear parameter, which is the percentage of the vaccinated population. That number is clear, we are at the tail of the European Union rankings.

In countries that manage the pandemic well and which have vaccinated the vast majority of the population today, they have abolished most anti-epidemic measures at this time, because their people are already protected by immunity and not measures. For the time being, the colors of the covid of the vending machine will darken from day to day.

2. Although it might seem normal to us in ordinary society, it is to be appreciated that Minister Lengvarský has been more involved in the wording and decision-making of experts and scientists.

3. The insufficient number of people vaccinated and, in particular, the low, only 50% vaccination coverage of seniors over the age of 80 are largely due to the fact that GPs have not received clear instructions for vaccination, for example in which cases vaccination is indicated and in which not. In my practice, I encounter daily that, due to unfounded concerns, district physicians very often do not recommend vaccinating patients. Also, neither the conditions nor the sufficient positive motivating incentives were created for the vaccination through GPs to be fully launched. If we look at how vaccination is provided in successful countries, then in comparison with Slovakia, we see that the difference is largely caused by the lack of vaccination by GPs.

With low vaccination coverage of people older than 80 years, it is not possible to speak of antivaxers. By the way, the experience with refusing to vaccinate children against 11 childhood diseases says that most antivaxers are in Bratislava – but there is paradoxically the highest vaccination against covid today.

Ivan Bošňák,
Data without pathos

1. Contrary to the very bad experiences of the previous year, we expect the government to communicate calmly and rationally about the steps taken to control the fight against the pandemic and to affect the lives of citizens. Since the arrival of the new Prime Minister and especially the new Minister of Health with a new team today, we have seen a new covid vending machine, which was modified for the good of the citizens by September.

It was about not counting children at full height, the quarantine in schools was shortened, it was possible to interrupt it by PCR test, the regime at the borders was relaxed and we are on the way to seamless teaching. The adjustment of the colors of the districts is rather mild and very clearly justified, the regional hygienists were given a free hand and the chief hygienist was replaced on the press by analysts. I evaluate all these signals very positively.

But the government is not paying enough attention to mitigating the effects of the pandemic for those whose gradual restrictions are taking place. This is an insufficient amount of PN and OČR in the isolation of small children and their parents, where we would appreciate a return to 80 percent of gross wages.

Likewise, the government does not pay any attention to first-line workers, where it is enough to copy schemes from the Czech Republic and motivate workers with a surcharge of approximately 10 euros per hour. The government and especially the Minister of Finance have not been able to explain what steps they are taking in using the delta reserve, which was approved in the budget in May. It seems to us that the government is not communicating in this as a team and, unfortunately, the prime minister is not the person to hand out the tasks to the ministers. Finally, it is understandable that he does not deal tasks, because he does not deal cards either.

Finance is not in good hands. But we feel all the better from

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