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More than 750,000 quality used cars and the end of fraud: New service is also coming to Slovakia –


Used vehicles are still very popular in Slovakia.

The used car market did not escape the impact of the pandemic either. Due to the lockdown, sales first slowed down in the first months of 2021, before starting to open at full speed. New records were set in the number of units sold in car bazaars. Increased demand for used cars and less supply were also reflected in their price. According to sellers the prices of the best-selling vehicles increased by 5 to 10 percent. Are you also thinking about buying a used car? In addition to traditional options, one novelty awaits you.

How about a used vehicle?

The most cost-effective way is usually to buy from a private seller, because you don’t pay anything to the intermediary. It is ideal if, for example, you have a trusted friend who moves your vehicle forward. Otherwise it cante during such a purchase to come across completely. Because the bazaare they have a relatively sophisticated system for finding good offers, mostly cars remain in poor condition in private offers. People often travel half of Slovakia and finally find out that their dream vehicle is in a much worse condition than they expected and saw in the photos. Not to mention legal risks, such as unpaid leasing or foreclosure.

The second option is to buy in a car bazaar. At first glance, it seems an advantage that you have several cars that you can directly compare and try. In fact, there are a limited number of cars in the bazaar, so need often compromise on requirements and compromise. In addition withthere is a risk that you will buy a cat in a bag, so to speak. Some used car dealers are able to camouflage the shortcomings so that it is very difficult for an inexperienced motorist to recognize them. The price of a vehicle from the bazaar will probably be higher than if you bought it directly from a private individual.

A new way of buying already in Slovakia

This year, a third is being added to the traditional ways of buying a used vehicle. It is brought to the Slovak market by a successful Czech startup Carvago in an effort to simplify and clarify the process of buying a car. It is a unique Europe-wide way that significantly changes the current standard of the car market. You are not limited to the offer of Slovak cars, you can choose from the best tickets in Europe. In practice, this means that you do not choose from dozens of cars of the selected make, model and equipment, but from several thousand advertisements.

Example: While the popular Hyundai i30s with a mileage of up to 100,000 appears 150 times in the offer of all Slovak bazaars, you will find 2,522 of them in the online offer on with such details as the material and color of the interior. So you don’t compromise when buying.

You can search for a car online

Choosing a car starts almost the same as when you are going to buy a vehicle from a bazaar or from a private person. On the portal you can easily filter the vehicle by make, model, mileage and many other parameters. You will then see the search results.

Across Europe, approximately 7 million vehicles are advertised daily, which can be found on various bazaar and dealer websites, as well as portals resellers of fleets and returned leasescars. However, only about 10% of them will release Carvago from this wide offer on their portal. Each advertised car must pass several inspections to ensure that only quality pieces are offered. In the offer you will always find 750,000 immediately available vehicles from 14 European countries, with an age of up to 10 years and a maximum mileage of 150,000.

Without traveling and trying to deceive you

A big change compared to previous purchases over the Internet is the fact that you don’t have to travel anywhere to check it out. At the same time, you don’t have to worry that you are buying a cat in a bag only according to the pictures and description. Carvago cares about to make the cars pass certifiedor technickor controlor CarAudit. During the inspection, all technical aspects will be checked in detail (a total of 270 parametrov) and you get the final message with photos and video. The result of each inspection is a recommendation as to whether or not the Carvago recommends the vehicle for purchase.

If everything fits, you can buy. if the car does not pass inspection, Carvago returns the money for CarAudit. Or you have a choice choose another piece that will pass the same check again. To sum it up, though ayou can’t see it with your own eyes like when buying from a bazaar, the whole Carvago service is set up so that you will be satisfied in the end. And with the appearance of the car and the technical condition.

The vehicle will come to you, you can return it within 2 weeks

In addition to a wide selection, people who have already tried the service appreciated the possibility to return the car within 14 days the most. From the moment you Carvago car will be delivered to the front door, you can have it return within 14 days without giving a reason. The service is bound by the same rules for online shopping as when you buy goods from another e-shop. In addition to the vehicle automatically and free of charge you get a 6-month extended warranty, which you can extend for up to 2 years.

What used cars are Slovaks interested in?

According to a survey online seller Carvago There is a growing interest in Slovakia for younger used cars with a smaller number of mileage. In 2020, three- and four-year-old cars together accounted for up to 26% of total sales. Most of the cars used had about 150,000 to 200,000 kilometers on the tachometer and their price ranged between 6,000 and 8,000 euros.

The best-selling model was the Škoda Octavia with a 2017 production year in the station wagon version with 140,000 kilometers and an average end price of EUR 13,545. Octavia even accounted for up to 10 percent of all cars purchased second-hand. Škoda has an absolutely dominant position in our country – 8 of the 10 best-selling models belonged to this brand, the remaining two positions of Volkswagen. Behind the best-selling Škoda models (Octavia, Superb, Fabia) and Volkswagen (Passat, Golf) were the Audi A4, VW Tiguan, Audi A6, Kia Ceed and Hyundai i30.

However, you can choose the model and brand according to your preferences without being limited by the offer of used cars in Slovakia. Carvago is a modern service that completely changes the purchase of a used car, as you have known it so far. If you are thinking of replacing your existing car with something newer, we definitely recommend trying it out.

Advertorial prepared in collaboration with Carvago.


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